Vortex IP Codecs

CallMe Click-&-Connect

CallMe Click-&-Connect

CallMe is a new cost-effective Subscription Codec service that lets contributors send high-quality broadcast audio back to the studio using the internet, without using dedicated hardware or software. To "Go Live" they simply click on the CallMe Button and connect with low-latency high-quality audio, to the chosen codec at the studio, already set up as part of the licencing process.

CallMe diRECt Guest

CallMe diRECt

CallMe diRECt is a browser-to-browser solution that lets you connect to your guest contributor without the need for them – or you – to have a hardware codec or download special software. You send them a web link to connect to your CallMe-diRECt account and once connected you can stream live between your web browsers and securely record the conversation with no loss of quality.

CallMe-TX web


CallMe-TX uses our industry-standard CallMe “codec engine” running under MS Windows to provide multiple CallMe Codec instances on a single platform. It has Opus, G.722, G.711 and SIP connectivity with ASIO/MME support for hardware and virtual soundcards. CallMe-TX is ideal as a studio ingest for multiple contribution sources which can include Program Audio, Talkback and Telephone.



CallMe-T is a low-cost IP codec supporting Opus/G.722 audio coding algorithms, developed by Vortex specifically for CallMe users. CallMe-TS Studio Codec fills the gap providing a hardware back-end at an extremely competitive price. It is housed in a 108mm x 103mm x 44mm enclosure for table-top use whilst for larger installations, 4 can be mounted side-by-side in 1U.



CallMe-G integrates CallMe-T IP connectivity within the well-liked Glensound ISDN Broadcast Mixer without losing ISDN and other existing capabilities. It is a low-cost upgrade for seamless integration within the unit, maintaining battery operation and Keypad dialling.

ACCESS NX Portable

ACCESS NX Portable

Designed from the ground up as a platform for CrossLock, our sophisticated custom reliability layer, ACCESS NX is the next step in innovative portable broadcasting.


ACCESS NX Rackmount

Completely redesigned hardware, allowing for AES67, AES3 or analog audio I/O. Support of multiple Wi-Fi, 4G and wired internet connections, a wide range of connection protocols and audio encoders. New HTML5-based web user interface.

ACCESS Multirack

ACCESS MultiRack

For users who need to run multiple IP codecs at once, Comrex has created ACCESS MultiRack. ACCESS MultiRack is equivalent to five codecs, contained within a sleek 1RU chassis.

BRIC-Link II front


A high performance, low-cost IP Audio Codec with OPUS, AAC and many other coding algorithms.



Opal is a Web Audio Gateway which enables guests with no technical background to transmit HD audio to the studio by simply clicking a link.

STAC6 Control Surface

Analog Telephone Systems

Digital Hybrids and Interfaces for analogue telephone lines.


Mobile Phone Systems

Wired or wireless connection for mobile phones.


VoIP Telephone Systems

Digital Hybrids for VoIP telephone systems.