Unity Connect

Unity Connect is a Mac application that allows up to 64 audio streams to be sent and received across the internet, at extremely low latency and high broadcast/mix ready quality.

Connect is also being used more and more in the recording industry as a way to help artists and producers collaborate.

Demonstration of Unity Connect

Use Unity Connect to tie together different audio protocols, sample rates, and locations

Imagine tying 2, 3, or 4 truck intercom systems together with far greater quality that you’re getting now, lower latency, and higher channel counts while spending far less than you’re used to spending. Plus, it doesn’t matter what kind of audio system you’re using at each end. You can use Unity Connect to tie a DANTE system in truck 1 to a MADI system in truck 2. Unity Connect becomes a conversion tool to get you from one audio protocol to another. It even does sample rate conversion so that it doesn’t matter whether those incompatible systems are at the same sample rate or not!

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