CallMe diRECt is a Browser-to-Browser service that gives you added security of being able to record the interview in case of live internet connectivity issue

  • Send your diRECt Web Link
  • Contributors connect directly to your browser
  • Live Stream 15kHz 2-way audio
  • Host can initiate recording at both ends
  • Host then uploads recordings to their computer 
  • Fully GDPR-Compliant
CallMe diRECt

It is a browser-to-browser version of CallMe Click-&-Connect so instead of having the need of a hardware codec the Host’s browser connects to the Guest’s browser for a live 2-way conversation.  It can stream live from the Host’s browser for broadcast – plus the Host can control the recording of both ends of the conversation / interview at their respective ends (for GDPR compliance) which is then uploaded to the Host’s computer at the end of the session.  This means that you end up with a solid recording in case of internet issues during the “live” connection – and nobody has to have any special hardware.

CallMe diRECT

CallMe diRECt is available stand-alone or as an add-on to CallMe Click-&-Connect.

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