TimeLord-µNet - A small NTP Time Server with GPS and PoE


The TimeLord-µNet is a highly accurate, low cost and extremely compact universal NTP time server with GPS synchronisation and PoE capability. The TimeLord- µNet works with all NTP compatible devices including our very own FLX and V-400 series time displays and stopwatches. Because of its small form factor it is ideal for outside broadcast, vehicle based application or just a lower cost solution. TimeLord-µNet’s compact design and NTP capabilities make it the perfect combination with our FLX Virtual Timing System. TimeLord-µNet is classed a NTP Stratum 1 Time Server, NTP stratums determine the distance from the reference clock beginning with stratum 0. Dynamic stratum changes allow the network to maintain timing accuracy, the longer the TimeLord-µNet is not locked to GPS; the higher its stratum becomes allowing networks to prioritise more accurate time servers.

TimeLord-µNet is a compact solution, it is a straightforward solution for linking an external reference to a local NTP server using a GPS. It is the younger brother to our TimeLord-Net which is our second generation rackmount time server. The TimeLord-µNet comes with 2 dovetail mounting brackets for wall or surface mounting, and the casing allows it to slot into dovetail stand holders and other equipment. Power over Ethernet is a simple hassle free solution with only a PoE switch and network cable required to power the device and we can also provide a PoE Injector but, still requires mains. As an alternative to PoE, TimeLord-µNet can be powered by a standard 12V DC supply or a user’s existing 24V AC supply. The small GPS antenna comes with a built in magnet capable of holding its own on any magnetic surface and comes with its own adhesive pad.

TimeLord μNet side
Timelord uNet

The browser interface is accessed through an IP address on the network, the IP address is configurable along with changing the password and other NTP options. A status tab displays information such as system up-time, GPS lock, UTC and local time and an extremely useful satellite signal meter. This meter shows satellites in view, signal strength and highlights in green all those with a strong signal level. The integrated GPS is connected via a SMA Male connector and comes with a 5 metre cable (optional 10 metre extension is available). GPS allows the TimeLord-µNet to be synchronised anywhere on the earth’s surface. The TimeLord- µNet will only ping timecode if it has been locked to GPS, once it has been turned off it will no longer sync through NTP unless locked to a GPS once again. Once the device has been turned off time is no longer kept.