CallMe- Why buy new when you can buy up-cycle

By Vortex Communications    Date: August 9th, 2023    2 Min Read

CallMe is Vortex’s range of affordable IP Audio codecs ranging from CallMe-T affordable hardware boxes that offer Opus, G.722 and G.711 audio with SmartStream making it possible to use them as two separate mono codecs connected to two different destinations. Its USB audio capability makes it an ideal IP-connectivity add-on for USB Mixers such as RodeCaster-Pro, whilst multi-streaming provides robust connectivity.

Then there is CallMe-G, a fully-integrated hardware upgrade for Glensound GSGC5 COOBE Outside Broadcast ISDN Commentator units, providing CallMe IP connectivity without losing any of the original ISDN capability. Thousands of GSGC5s have been supplied worldwide and the CallMe-G upgrade provides mobile connectivity with 7-hour battery operation and giving them a new lease of life.

CallMe also offers Software and Cloud codec solutions. CallMe-TX is a multi-codec MS Windows software version of CallMe-T with ASIO/MME support for hardware and virtual soundcards including Dante/AES67 offering straightforward AoIP integration. CallMe-TX makes an ideal studio ingest for programme audio, talkback and VoIP.

CallMe-diRECT does away with special hardware altogether and is a browser-to-browser solution used for Live Broadcast and pre-records making it ideal also for Podcasting. It lets a Host connect to up to 5 Guests using only web browsers for live streaming that is end-to-end encrypted, plus the Host can initiate lossless (FLAC) in-browser recordings that are
uploaded in the background to the Host in case of connectivity issues and for editing or later broadcast.

And if you already have IP audio codecs at the studio and want to put Guest Contributors Live on-air without them needing any special hardware or software download, the original CallMe Click-&-Connect has your branding and connects to back-end codecs from any browser.

The CallMe affordable IP Audio; for Reporters, for Guests, for Everyone