Vortex flexes its green credentials

By RedTech Staff      Date: August 19, 2022      2 Min Read

LFollowing the launch of Vortex’s CallMe-G upgrade to Glensound GSGC5 mixers, the company says it has a number of up-cycled units already upgraded with the CallMe-G update.

CallMe-G is an IP upgrade for the Glensound GSGC5 outside broadcast ISDN mixer/codec, which Vortex says provides IP connectivity without losing any of the existing ISDN and battery-operation capability.

Vortex describes the upcycled GSGC5 units as “previously enjoyed” and claims they have been refurbished as part of the CallMe-G IP upgrade.

“Most customers that have taken the opportunity to up-cycle rather than scrap already own the units that they send to us,” says Vortex Owner Ian Prowse. “However, as part of the development cycle we bought some “previously-enjoyed” units and now have a number that are already upgraded with CallMe-G IP connectivity using cabled or mobile internet.”

More details are on the Vortex website here.