Vortex CallMe-diRECt stars at Brazilian festival

By Brett Moss    Date: July 22, 2023    3 Min Read

The Parantins festival featured many spectacular stage acts. Radio Rios was on the scene using the Vortex CallMe-diRECt cloud-based software codec to enable coverage.

Radio Rios, a radio station based in Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, spent a few days in Parantins covering the popular Parantins Folklore Festival (Festival de Parintins), also known as Boi Bumbas.

Choosing a light footprint, the Radio Rios crew used Vortex Communications’ CallMe-diRECt cloud-based software codec service to produce the show.

Radio Rios presenter Mateus Arruda said, “The ability of the CallMe codec to handle the connectivity challenges in the rain forest was truly impressive. It ensured that our artists and their performances were transmitted with clarity and fidelity, capturing the energy and magic of the festival.”

He added that Vortex’s Brazilian distributor AudioTX provided training and help support, “Their valuable guidance allowed us to make the most of CallMe and overcome any obstacles we encountered along the way.”

A release adds that the CallMe diRECt service “lets a host connect to up to five remote contributors, all streaming live using Opus audio encoding with end-to-end encrypted connections.” It also provides a recording function for storing programs and excerpts that can be used during a program or for a backup.

CallMe-diRECt’s user interface