RemoteMix 4 - Broadcast Field Mixer

RemoteMix 4 is a rugged all-in-one four-channel field / OB mixer ideal for sports, news and outside events. It also incorporates a four channel headphone amplifier and 4-wire remote connectivity with its in-built telephone line hybrid and keypad, as well as a universal PBX handset interface, 2.5 mm wireless mobile phone interface and Bluetooth capability that allows connection to cell phones and laptops using Bluetooth Wireless Technology. And all this capability comes in a tough, portable unit that’s smaller than a lunch box. All-in-one is an understatement. The various elecments have been designed to work together and save setup time in the field avoiding the need to send an engineer with patch cables and so on. All the pieces work together in one reliable integrated unit.

Radio and TV:

RemoteMix 4 was designed for live OB/Remotes. Use it as a phone line hybrid, calling into your studio talk show hybrid. Use it as a front end mixer for your POTS, ISDN or IP codec. Use it with your laptop.

RemoteMix 4 gives you the ultimate in phone connectivity with four IFB / Talkback feeds. Imagine being able to send and receive interview audio and pull remote IFB / Talkback out of a phone line, any business phone system (it plugs in to the handset connector of any 2-piece telephone) – even your cell phone via a cabled or Bluetooth connection. More than just a field mixer, this is a “shoot saver”.

Great Sound:

A soft limiter prevents overdriving the phone line interfaces, while the mixer XLR output is pre-limited (full range). Bass Boost adds some low end before sending the signal down the phone line. Convenient 3.5 mm send and receive jacks are provided for recording the show or mixing in your MP3 player.


RemoteMix 4 will first attempt to connect in hands-free (cabled) mode to a cell phone. If this type of connection is not available, it will connect to any other product, such as a notebook or portable that allows a Bluetooth wireless connection. This wireless headphone mode offers a full audio bandwidth stereo connection.

Other Mobile Connectivity:

The RemoteMix 4 cabled cell phone interface was designed to take advantage of the increasing number of mobile phones that accept third party headsets and earpiece headsets. While some wireless phones have the 2.5 mm jack directly on the phone, others require a headset adapter which converts their proprietary connector into this 2.5mm jack

Cabled Connectivity:

The RemoteMix 4 can plug directly into a normal PSTN telephone line and incorporates its own in-built telephone hybrid. In addition, it can be connected via the handset connection of virtually any 2-part telephone where the telephone itself interfaces to the PBX system. This makes operation with digital and other types of exchanges that use “intelligent phones” very straightforward.


The RemoteMix 4 can provide phantom power to the microphones. The phantom power generator only runs if any of the rear panel 48V switches are set to “ON” that saves it draining the batteries when it is not needed. Low-noise, low-power ICs are used throughout to preserve battery life and the low noise 100-240 VAC desktop style powersupply (included) overrides the battery power only when the supply is actually providing power. If the power goes out, the batteries automatically cut in. Inputs 2 and 3 can also be switched to accept Line level signals.


  • 4-Channel Battery-Operated OB Audio Mixer
  • Four XLR Mic Inputs
  • Switchable 48 volt Phantom power on all Mic Inputs
  • Mic/Line pad on Channels 3 and 4 – switchable
  • One 3.5 mm Line level Input
  • ¼” Line level Headphone Cue Input
  • PBX handset interface
  • 2.5 mm cell phone interface
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Dual 9V battery drawers
  • Four ¼” Headphone Output jacks
  • Separate Headphone Level controls
  • Separate Headphone source selection
  • Male XLR line Level mixer Output
  • 3.5mm stereo Output
  • Phone line jack with hook-switch and Ringer LED
  • DTMF keypad with Redial
  • 100-240 VAC Mower Power Supply included
RemoteMix 4 synoptic diagram