Quarra 1G Compact PTP Ethernet Switch

Artel’s Quarra 1G PTP Ethernet switches are a carrier grade Ethernet switch with one of the industry’s most accurate IEEE 1588v2 timing. Ideal for pro AV, audio, video, broadcast, defense and security, finance, utilities, telecom, and enterprise IP.

Artel’s Quarra range of IP PTP switches is designed for Carrier Class applications where accurate timing and control is required. These switches are aimed at the professional markets of Audio/Video Broadcast, Defense & Security, Finance, Utilities, Telecom, and Enterprise IT. The Quarra 1G compact switch is a half-width 1RU unit with a single power supply. The switch is available in a 1 Gigabit interface supporting a best-in-class layer 2 IEEE 1588v2 algorithm. A 1pps external reference input from GPS is included as standard, and options include an internal layer 1 Synchronous Ethernet module. Quarra switches also support IGMP v2/3, QoS, protection switching, VLAN, MEF service delivery and network OAM.

Quarra 1G compact

Quarra switches support SMPTE Standards-based Timing ST 2110-10 and ST 2059-2 SMPTE and are RAVENNA AES67 approved.

Ideal for:

  • Live video/audio broadcast/production over IP utilizing IEEE1588 timing, QoS and Multicast filtering.
  • Broadcast DTT/DTV IP distribution, utilizing IEEE1588 and SyncE timing to replace or backup GPS timing at base stations.
  • Telecom networks, providing high level of network timing.
  • Financial/trading networks, utilizing our IEEE1588 precise nanosecond time synchronization.

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  • Industry’s most Accurate IEEE 1588 Timing & Synchronization for nanosecond accurate timing.
  • Synchronous (L1) Ethernet, Master and Slave. Precision clock timing using DSPLL® technology.
  • 1pps reference. Network wide synchronization using IEEE1588 or SyncE. Internal GPS model available to host GPS timed grand master.
  • SMPTE Standards-based Timing
    • ST 2110-10 System Timing and Definition
    • ST 2059-2 SMPTE Profile for Use of IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol in Professional Broadcast Applications
  • Ravenna AES67 approved. Lawo and Dante tested.
  • IEEE802.1 AVB.
  • Full management from Web GUI or command line interface. No training required-units can be quickly and easily configured.
Quarra PTP10G switch
Quarra PTP 10G