MaxxKonnect Wireless partners with Vortex Communications’ CallMe

By RedTech Staff      Date: March 14, 2023      3 Min Read

Original image: Freepik

MaxxKonnect Wireless has partnered with Vortex Communications’ CallMe to provide what the two firms describe as “reliable high-quality audio connectivity over the public internet.” 

According to MaxxKonnect Wireless, its high-speed LTE internet service is designed specifically for broadcast applications and promises users higher priority and higher QoS on carrier networks. This, the company says, allows broadcasters to cut through the bandwidth congestion at concerts, sporting events and large gatherings. In addition, the company points to other features, such as pooled data for multiple users to avoid overage charges, and multi-SIM solutions for reliable connections from remote areas to crowded urban venues.

Vortex adds that when MKW’s service is coupled with its CallMe IP audio codec, the solution offers 20 kHz stable two-way audio with low delay, typically less than 100 ms.

CallMe uses Opus audio encoding and offers balanced analog stereo, AES67 Dante and USB audio for direct connection to USB mixers and headsets. With SmartStream, a single CallMe-T codec can connect to multiple destinations including operating as two independent mono codecs in one box streaming to different destinations.

MaxxKonnect Group President Josh Bohn says, “This is the magical combination that radio stations have been waiting for. The CallMe platform, coupled with our prioritized MaxxKonnect Wireless service, is the perfect, low-cost, easy-to-use-and-setup solution for sporting events, live broadcasts and remote interviews.”

MaxxKonnect Wireless and Connectivity Sales Manager Chris Roth describes the potential usages, “My vision is to pair a CallMe T hardware codec with any basic USB mixer and an MK router. The CallMe T has quick connect buttons on it. Roll out to a high school football game with everything in a case, open the case, plug in power, wait for everything to boot, press a connect button on the CallMe T and you’re on the air.” 

The two companies will display this combined end-to-end solution live at the 2023 NAB Show at their respective booths: Vortex CallMe — C2226 — and MaxxKonnect — W2849.