Guest Gizmo

Studio guests are only human. And humans cough. They cough and clear their throats and sniff and snort. Not the most pleasant experience for your listeners. If you tell your guests to turn their heads and cough, they might misunderstand. Besides, it really doesn’t help that much.

Cure this with the Guest Gizmo. It has a cough drop (ahem) button built right in. Your guest feels the need to make disgusting noises and pushes the button until the urge has passed. You’ll want one at every guest microphone position. The cough button is a necessary tool.

Guest Gizmo

Speaking of necessities, every guest needs headphones. Which is why the Guest Gizmo provides a stereo  headphone amplifier with volume control. Your guest can adjust headphone levels to personal taste (that human thing again). And the Guest Gizmo amp has the power to drive just about anything, even those big cans so beloved in radio.

You know those cool new mic arms with the built-in LED tallies? They’re all the rage. Problem is lighting them up. Guest Gizmo to the rescue again. Hook up your mic arm to the logic port and the button changes from cough to on/off/cough and drives the red light whenever the mic is hot. Cool?

The Guest Gizmo uses your mixer’s microphone insert jack to provide the muting function. A cable with a ¼ inch TRS plug at both ends is all you need. The muting is done with a sealed relay with isolated gold contacts. Because these are dry contacts, you can even use the insert jack to drive muting logic on a broadcast console if you have one.

GG front
GG rear

Installing the Guest Gizmo in your studio furniture couldn’t be easier. All you need is a 2 ¾ inch grommet hole. A quick trip to the hardware store for a hole saw and you’re ready for business. No router required. Your studio gets a clean, custom appearance and you get all the credit. Well deserved, we say.