Button Gizmo

Introducing our simplest idea yet: the Button Gizmo. Four avionics-grade, LED illuminated pushbuttons in a powder-coated steel panel. Mounts easily in your countertop for an elegant, finished look.

You can use the Button Gizmo with other consoles too. Any console with GPIO logic will easily interface. We include an RJ45 to screw terminal breakout adapter to make it easy to access the contacts.

Of course, you might have other ideas for those buttons. Great. You can easily remove the button caps and replace our labels with your own. So instead of ON, OFF, MUTE and TALK, maybe your Button Gizmo will read COFFEE, LIGHTS, DOOR and EJECT for the guest who overstays. Our buttons, your vision.

Button Gizmo
BG rear

You won’t need a carpenter to install the Button Gizmo in your furniture. Even if you’re not that handy, you can handle a hole saw. A 2-⅛ inch hole is as easy as installing a desk grommet. Your studios will look amazing and you’ll look brilliant.