Analogue Indoor Clock - Eco

ECO offers a conventional one-minute pulse time system at low cost. ECO secondary clocks can be installed in various ways and are built to high professional standards. They can be used in a self-setting MOBALine clock installation, radio-controlled wall clocks or as independent battery-operated quartz clocks.

Diameter & optimal reading distance:

  • ø 25cm = 20-25m
  • ø 30cm = 25-30m
  • ø 40cm = 35-45m

Time Distribution:

  • Polarized Impulses
  • MOBALine
  • NTP
  • DCF 77
  • Quartz
  • WTD wireless time distribution

Housing materials:

  • High quality white ABS plastic (RAL 9002)

Cover glass:

  • acrylic glass cover

Degree of protection:

  • IP 30