Our audio products encompass a range of modular analogue audio amplifiers, Eurogold digital audio converters and processors, DAs, PPMs and general purpose amplifiers, remote audio contribution systems from Comrex and the CASH programme time reducer. Audio routers and switchers are described separately in the Infomatics section...

ACCESS NX Rack - A rackmount IP audio codec featuring AES67 for the modern studio

ACCESS NX Rack features completely redesigned hardware, allowing for AES67, AES3 or analog audio I/O. NX Rack can connect to Wi-Fi and 4G modems, and supports a wide range of connection protocols and audio encoders. It’s driven via a new HTML5-based web user interface. ACCESS NX Rack is backward-compatible with all Comrex IP audio codecs and the Comrex FieldTap smartphone app.

ACCESS-MultiRack - A rackmount IP audio multi-codec, capable of five full-duplex IP audio codec connections

For users who need to run multiple IP codecs at once, Comrex has created ACCESS MultiRack. ACCESS MultiRack is equivalent to five codecs, contained within a sleek 1RU chassis.

ACCESS-Rackmount - A powerful, full-featured IP audio codec for the studio

The ACCESS-Rackmount is the perfect studio counterpart to ACCESS portable units, and a dependable point-to-point codec. ACCESS-Rackmount is a full-featured IP audio codec that offers unparalleled reliabilty and works over a range of connections including Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks.

AutoHybrid - Low-Cost Telephone Hybrid / Coupler

AutoHybrid is an exceptionally well priced telephone coupler that contains a passive hybrid, giving you simultaneous send and receive audio through analog telephone lines.

AutoHybrid IP2™ - The Two-Line VoIP/AoIP Hybrid Codec

The desktop/half-rack design provides one button access to the common features of a phone line hybrid including: call control, auto-answer, and conference. Advanced call control features and VoIP line setup are provided through the internal web server.

BlueDriver - Bluetooth Wireless Audio Interface

The BlueDriver™ audio interfaces use Bluetooth Wireless Technology to send and receive audio from your professional audio equipment.

BlueKeeper - Desktop Digital Hybrid

BlueKeeper is a mobile telephone hybrid which combines Bluetooth Wireless Technology with professional audio electronics in a convenient desktop design.

BluePack - Bluetooth Interview Tool

BluePack provides mono Mic input on XLR plus stereo tape input on 3.5mm jack, with Headphone output on 1/4" and stereo out on 3.5mm jack connectors. It connects to your mobile phone or laptop like any other Bluetooth-enabled headset.

BlueSet - Bluetooth Wireless Beltpack Interface

The BlueSet™ intercom beltpack adapters use Bluetooth Wireless Technology and plug directly into most Party-Line (PL) belt packs, replacing the wired headset.

Bluetooth Intercom - Wireless Intercom System Layouts

Combine our Interloop™, Outerloop™ and BlueSet products into a convenient, cost-effective wireless intercom system

BRIC-Link II low-cost IP Audio Codec

BRIC-Link II - Low-Cost IP Audio Codec

BRIC-Link II IP Audio Codecs are designed for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point Audio connections. They use Comrex's revolutionary BRIC (Broadcast-Reliable Internet Codec) technology to deliver low-delay, jitter-free, high-quality mono or stereo audio over IP networks including the public internet either compressed (AAC algorithms), uncompressed PCM or FLAC Lossless coding

Broadcast Host - Desktop Digital Hybrid

Broadcast Host turns your desktop into a professional broadcast center. Contains everything you need to get talk show quality phone recordings into your mixer or sound card.

CallMe - Low-cost IP Audio Codecs

The CallMe family comprises CallMe Click & Connect for connecting guests and reporters to the studio using just a web browsers; CallMe-T low-cost hardware SIP-compatible Opus codecs and CallMe diRECt browser-browser solution for live streaming and simultaneous recording of both ends of the call, with end-to-end encryption.

CallMe-T - Low-Cost Opus/G.722 IP Audio Codec

CallMe-T is a low-cost IP codec supporting Opus/G.722 audio coding algorithms, developed by Vortex specifically for CallMe users. CallMe-TS Studio Codec fills the gap providing a hardware back-end at an extremely competitive price. It is housed in a 108mm x 103mm x 44mm enclosure for table-top use whilst for larger installations, 4 can be mounted side-by-side in 1-U.

CallMe™ - Click-&-Connect

CallMe is a new cost-effective Subscription Codec service that lets contributors send high-quality broadcast audio back to the studio using the internet, without using dedicated hardware or software. To "Go Live" they simply click on the CallMe Button and connect with low-latency high-quality audio, to the chosen codec at the studio, already set up as part of the licencing process.

ComPack - Universal Telephone Audio Interface

Compack is your personal communications tool. Get audio in and out of any telecom connection, wired or wireless.

DH22 - Digital Hybrid

The DH22 provides an inexpensive conference connection for two telephone lines in a single hybrid. In addition to including all features of the DH20, it provides two balanced caller outputs for separate caller connections to the console. If desired, a single DIP switch will mix both callers to a single outpost. Automatic Gain Control adapts every call to ensure the best quality audio.

DH30 - Digital Hybrid

The DH30 is a full-featured, programmable digital hybrid with record and cue functions. Both analog and AES/EBU connections allow you to establish a direct link between the DH30's digital signal processor (DSP) and a digital console. Audio processing functions include equalization, expansion, compression, bass-boost, auto answer/disconnect, and auto-ducking. The DH30 also features selectable auto mix-minus and acoustic echo cancellation.

DigiBox V-ADDA - Digital to Analogue, Analogue to Digital

The V-ADDA provides a convenient solution for converting a single AES/EBU serial audio signal into two analogue audio signals. The digibox automatically deals with 20 or 24bit audio.

Innkeeper 4 & Innkeeper 2 - Multiline Digital Hybrid

Innkeeper 4 squeezes four independent digital hybrids in a 1U rack space. The front panel keypad, display, and handset jacks provide easy speed dialing and call setup.

Innkeeper PBX - Desktop Digital Hybrid

Innkeeper PBX easily converts your multi-line PBX type telephone system into a professional, affordable talk show console. Simply connect between your telephone handset and the phone base. So simple, anyone can do it.

Interloop™ - Two-Wire Intercom Beltpack with Bluetooth

Combines Bluetooth Wireless Technology with Two-Wire Intercom systems in a rugged new belt pack design.

MCC Multi-Codec Control - BRIC IP Codec Management

MCC is the BRIC IP Codec Management software that helps control, maintain and monitor your ACCESS, BRIC-Link or MIDAS codecs. Call/Drop function for remote use, Packet Loss, Delay, Call Quality and many other parameters to help keep your broadcast seamless and problem free with full control of your codecs from a single instance of Windows.

Opal - The Web Audio Gateway

Opal is a Web Audio Gateway which enables guests with no technical background to transmit HD audio to the studio by simply clicking a link.

Outerloop™ - Bluetooth Wireless Intercom Belt Pack

Outerloop™ functions as a wireless link to your intercom system.

PBE-202 Audio Snake 4 Channels Audio over CAT-x

PBE-202 Audio Snake - 4 Channel of analogue or digital audio over a single CAT-x cable.

Sends Mic/Line level audio or AES/EBU distances upto about 600m (approx 1800ft) - plus phantom power if using screened CAT-x cable.

AES/EBU Audio splitter

PBE-830 - AES/EBU digital audio splitter

The PBE-830 are balanced line AES/EBU digital audio Splitters.

Pureformer - Isolation Transformer

Connects between your sound card and audio equipment. Keeps computer electrical noise out of your studio equipment.

QuickTap - Telephone Handset Tap

QuickTap gives you a quick and easy way to record telephone interviews directly to your portable recorder or even directly to your computer sound card to be uploaded to your podcast.

RemoteAmp - Personal headphone/Earpiece Amplifier

Battery powered amplifier with XLR input and belt clip.

RemoteAmp-Two - Beltpack Headphone Amplifier

RemoteAmp-Two has mono line input on XLR plus stereo tape input on 3.5mm jack, with Headphone output on 1/4" and stereo out on 3.5mm jack connectors. It is housed in the new lightweight Beltpack case

RemoteMix 3.5™ - 3-Channel Mixer with 3-wire Telephone & Bluetooth Connectivity

RemoteMix 3.5 is a 3 channel field mixer with headphone amplifier and Bluetooth connectivity for use with all types of telecom devices. RemoteMix 3.5 features a phone line hybrid, keypad, a PBX handset interface and both wires and wireless cell phone interfaces. Set up in the field is a simple plug and play through only one unit.

RemoteMix 4 4-channel OB mixer with 4-wire telephone and bluetooth connectivity

RemoteMix 4 - 4-Channel Mixer with 4-wire Telephone & Bluetooth Connectivity

RemoteMix 4 is a 4 channel field mixer with headphone amplifier and Bluetooth connectivity for use with all types of telecom devices. RemoteMix 4 features a phone line hybrid, keypad, a PBX handset interface and both wires and wireless cell phone interfaces. Set up in the field is a simple plug and play through only one unit.

RemoteMix One - Cabled Mobile Phone Audio Interface

RemoteMix One is a cabled mobile phone interface with mic and line inputs, headphone and line outputs - ideal for interfacing professional microphones and headsets for mobile phone codecs.

STAC - Telephone Talk-Show System

The STAC (Studio Telephone Access Centre) is the de-facto industry-standard Talk Show system for Phone-ins. It can be configured for 6 or 12 PSTN lines and up to 4 callers plus the host can be put on-the-air at the same time. It has an in-built IP Browser interface for screener/control. A CLI (Caller Line Identification) add-on is now available with caller logging and telephone address book database.

THAT-2 - Telephone Audio Tap

Connects to analog and digital telephones. Lets you record your conversation and play it back into the phone and adds XLR jacks.

Unity Connect - the brand new way to transfer audio from location to location.

Unity Connect allows up to 64x64 audio streams across the internet with low latency and broadcast quality sound.

Unity Intercom - Multi-Channel Production Intercom On The Devices You Already Own

Unity Intercom Multi-Channel Production Intercom On The Devices You Already Own. Unity Intercom provides a low-cost, novel and reliable IP intercom system that allows you to use your existing smartphones as Intercom stations.

Unity Intercom Headsets - Perfect for your iOS and Android Devices

Unity Intercom Headsets are the perfect partner to your Android and iOS device. They are designed to be comfortable to wear over long periods of time, audio levels resulting in higher quality on mobile devices and designed for functionality in various environments.

VH2 Dual VoIP Hybrid - Dual Line VoIP hybrid from Comrex

VH2 is a dual line hybrid from Comrex that connects to VoIP lines for individual calls or conferencing two together. Radio stations need a VoIP hybrid to ensure on-air and recorded phone calls sound beautiful. VH2 is the answer to all of the above and can be installed on just about any IP phone system.

VX-4901 Intercom Panel - Turns your IP codec into a 10-station intercom system

The VX-4901 pairs with your ACCESS or BRIC-Link over an IP network and offers you a matrix of hardware push-buttons for up to 10 different connections.