Bluetooth Intercom - Wireless Intercom System Layouts

Combine our Interloop™, Outerloop™ and BlueSet products into a convenient, cost-effective wireless intercom system

Interloop™ - Two-Wire Intercom Beltpack with Bluetooth

Combines Bluetooth Wireless Technology with Two-Wire Intercom systems in a rugged new belt pack design.

Outerloop™ - Bluetooth Wireless Intercom Belt Pack

Outerloop™ functions as a wireless link to your intercom system.

BlueSet - Bluetooth Wireless Beltpack Interface

The BlueSet™ intercom beltpack adapters use Bluetooth Wireless Technology and plug directly into most Party-Line (PL) belt packs, replacing the wired headset.

Unity Intercom - Multi-Channel Production Intercom On The Devices You Already Own

Unity Intercom Multi-Channel Production Intercom On The Devices You Already Own. Unity Intercom provides a low-cost, novel and reliable IP intercom system that allows you to use your existing smartphones as Intercom stations.

Unity Intercom Headsets - Perfect for your iOS and Android Devices

Unity Intercom Headsets are the perfect partner to your Android and iOS device. They are designed to be comfortable to wear over long periods of time, audio levels resulting in higher quality on mobile devices and designed for functionality in various environments.

VX-4901 Intercom Panel - Turns your IP codec into a 10-station intercom system

The VX-4901 pairs with your ACCESS or BRIC-Link over an IP network and offers you a matrix of hardware push-buttons for up to 10 different connections.

BlueDriver - Bluetooth Wireless Audio Interface

The BlueDriver™ audio interfaces use Bluetooth Wireless Technology to send and receive audio from your professional audio equipment.