DH22 - Digital Hybrid


Are you looking for the very best, most affordable dual digital telephone hybrid available? You just found it. The DH22 Dual Digital Hybrid incorporates the latest in DSP technology to provide you with the best sound and easiest installation.

The DH22 is a high quality dual line telephone interface that interconnects two standard telephone lines and your audio equipment, allowing you the ability to send audio to and receive audio from the connected telephone lines. The DH22 is ideal when the very best audio quality and conferencing capabilities are required in talk shows, news feeds, production, recording studios, and Internet applications.

Our newest DSP technology delivers better and more reliable sound quality. The DH22 delivers the deepest and most stable hybrid null, ensuring maximum isolation between the send and caller audio. That means no echo and no "bottom of the barrel" sound.

In addition, we've added selectable automatic gain control (AGC) and caller ducking. With AGC, each call will be delivered to your equipment at the same level. Caller ducking reduces the caller's audio level when the announcer speaks, providing a more "controlled" environment. We've also added a speaker amplifier so you can connect a speaker directly to the unit and monitor callers without headphones.

Remote: DB25 Female Remote Send Input: 0dBu nominal, adjustable, unbalanced, 20k ohm impedance
Remote Caller and Aux Output:0dBu nominal, adjustable unbalanced, 50 ohm impedance
Control Inputs: Remotely activate any of the following functions with a switch closure to ground: Hybrid 1 and 2 On, Off, and Monitor Mute
Status Outputs: Remotely check the status of the hybrid using the On and Off status outputs. Status outputs are open collector, outputs rated at 30VDC and 40mA maximum
Monitor Output: 1/4" stereo jack Tip=+phase, Ring=ground,
Sleeve=ground, 1W output into an 8 ohm load
Send Input: XLR female Mic/Line selectable, -55/0dBu nominal,
adjustable, balanced, bridging, 20k ohm impedance
Mix-Minus Caller-to-Send separation: 50dB nominal
Tail time: 32 milliseconds
Caller 1 and 2 Outputs: XLR male 0dBu nominal, adjustable, balanced, 50 ohm impedance
Aux Output: XLR male 0dBu nominal, adjustable, balanced, 50 ohm impedance
Telco 1 and 2 Lines: RJ11 connector POTS (plain old telephone service) line or analog extension from a PBX or dry line (no DC offset voltage).
A-Lead supervision provided
Telco 1 and 2 Sets: RJ11 connector A-Lead supervision provided
Telephone Transmit Nominal send input of 0dBu referenced to -15dBu onto the telephone line.
Frequency Response: 250Hz to 3.5kHz, ±1dB
Signal to noise ratio: >56dB
Distortion: <0.2%
Telephone Receive Nominal telephone line level of -15dBu
referenced to caller output of 0dBu
Frequency Response: 250Hz to 3.5kHz, ±1dB
Signal to noise ratio: >56dB
Distortion: <0.2%
Controls Hybrid 1 and 2 On/Off Buttons
Volume Up/Down Buttons
On Status, Off Status
Hybrid 1 and 2 Send Audio Presence
Hybrid 1 and 2 Caller Audio Presence
Adjustments Send Input Level
Caller 1 abd 2 Output Level
Auxiliary Input Level
Auxiliary Output Level
Burst Adapt Select
Mic/Line Select
Caller Boost Select
Momentary/Latching Select
Auto Answer/Disconnect Select
Caller Control Select (0, 6, 12, or 18dB)
AGC Select
Caller 1 Mix Select
Auto Mix-Minus Select
Aux Mix Select
IEC Type Auto Adjusting 100-240VAC, 2A, 50/60Hz, 30W
Dimensions (LxDxH) 17.125" x 10.125" x 1.75"
43.6 x 25.7 x 4.44 cm
Weight 6.4 lb/2.9 kg (dry)
11.3lb/5.13 kg (shipping)