MCC Multi-Codec Control - BRIC IP Codec Management


MCC Overview

MCC Multi-Codec Control is the perfect management tool for your Audio IP codecs, making large events requiring more and more BRIC codecs easier to manage. MCC Multi-Codec Control is an application for Microsoft Windows which provides advanced centralized monitoring and management for the Comrex BRIC family of IP audio codecs, including MIDAS, ACCESS and BRIC-Link. It shows the status of any number of devices, including connection state, name of the remote unit, coding algorithm in use in each direction, packet loss and delay statistics over the last minute and receive audio levels. An intuitive ‘traffic light’ indicator is also provided for each connection to give an idea of the expected audio quality at a glance.

MCC Phonebook


MCC also allows calls to be made and dropped on each of the managed codecs from a compatible Windows device. You decide the connection of the devices along with all relevant information to make sure the call is ready for broadcast without the need for extensive feedback. Any manually-added remote entries or Switchboard Server remotes from the codec in question can be selected as a destination; in addition, a local ‘phonebook’ within Multi-Codec Control allows destinations and profiles to be defined once and used across all managed codecs.


Monitoring IP codecs previously required a seperate direct connection through a browser or from plugging directly into an ACCESS but, with MCC you get access to monitoring features of all the codecs you need through a single window. MCC is designed to be touch-friendly and can be run in full-screen mode on a dedicated ‘control surface’ PC. It supports connections via a SOCKS proxy server for use in enterprise environments where direct connection to the managed codecs is not possible.

MCC Edit Profile

Multi-Codec Control requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Client Profile) or higher and Windows Installer 3.1 or higher. These components will be downloaded and installed automatically if they are not already available when you install Multi-Codec Control. The manual and system requirements for Multi-Codec Control are at the bottom of this page. MCC can be used with multiple codecs and workstations, for more information on MCC licenses and enterprise solutions please contact us.

MCC Overview 2

MCC Multi-Codec Control Download

System Requirements
Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later
1GHz Pentium or faster
512MB or more
1280x1024 or larger (1920x1080 recommended), 16-bit colour or higher
Storage Space
600MB (32-bit) / 1.5GB (64-bit) free or more
10/100Mb/s Ethernet connection
Versions Available
MCC-2 = 2 Codecs
MCC-5 = 5 Codecs
MCC-10 = 10 Codecs
Additional pricing per computer

For the manual please click here: MCC