The scalable VX-8000 series Audio and Video Matrix Routing Switchers can be configured from 16-inputs x 16-outputs up to 256x256 with multi-layer switching for both video and audio. Front panel and powerful remote control via serial or IP make them ideal for Broadcast and Audio-Video installations. Conventional video bandwidth and 200MHz high bandwidth versions are available for HD component and VGA computer signal routing.

VX8000-256MB, VX8000-256HB - 30MHz and 200MHz modular video / audio routing switchers

The VX8000-256MB and VX8000-256HB are expandable from 32x32 to 256x256 in a 12U rackframe and have the largest matrix capacity of all Vortex switchers.

VX8000-64i - Modular video / audio routing switcher

The VX8000-64i modular audio/video routing switcher is expandable from 16x8 to 64x64 matrix in a single 9U rackframe with remote control of volume and tone.

VX8000-MB, VX8000-HB - 30MHz and 200MHz modular video / audio routing switchers

The new VX8000-MB and VX8000-HB are modular 30MHz and 200MHz Bandwidth routing switchers expandable from 32x16 to 256x128 video and/or audio matrix in a 9U rackframe.