VX-4901 Intercom Panel - Turns your IP codec into a 10-station intercom system

VX-4901 Front

The VX-4901 Intercom Panel transforms any Comrex BRIC codec (ACCESS, BRIC-Link, BRIC-Link II) into a complete IP intercom solution. It incorporates 10 reconfigurable illuminated pushbuttons to call remote stations (in either push-to-talk or latching mode), a microphone pre-amplifier with optional phantom power, a pair of high-quality loudspeakers and a stereo headphone amplifier. It can be used in either a desktop or rackmount configuration, with a headset-mounted or gooseneck microphone.

Although the VX-4901 will work with any BRIC codec, it is specifically designed to mount beside the new BRIC-Link II in the 1-U rack adaptor available from Vortex. To ease installation, the VX-4901 includes two network interfaces with a built-in switch, allowing a single Ethernet connection to be “daisy-chained” through the intercom panel to the BRIC-Link II. Similarly, power is passed through the VX-4901 allowing the pair of units to be powered from just one supply. The VX-4901 is supplied as standard with power, Ethernet and audio “loop” cables to connect to the codec.

VX-4901 Rear

When using the VX-4901 with a BRIC-Link II codec, the BRIC-Link II's power supply is used to power both units. Of course they can be powered separately if preferred. Another use for the VX-4901 is for switching multiple codecs live "On-Air", for example for sports and election round ups similar to our ACCESS Hotswitch Software. BRIC-Link and ACCESS provide high quality broadcast audio over the public internet, making the VX-4901 a convenient and easy to use audio switching panel over IP.

What's in the box?

VX-4901 Rack
The VX-4901 can be mounted alongside a BRIC-Link II codec in the Vortex rack adapter.

Downloads: VX-4901 Intercom Panel User Manual
Front Panel
Power LED Illuminates when power is supplied to the unit.
Stereo Loudspeakers Allow monitoring of receive audio from codec without headphones. Driven by INPUTS – L & INPUTS – R. Automatically muted when headphones connected
Headphone Socket Accepts stereo headphones for monitoring of receive audio from codec. Driven by XLR Inputs on the rear panel.
Microphone Socket Allows connection of a dynamic or condenser microphone to provide send audio to codec. Drives Output on the rear panel.
Microphone Trim Allows adjustment of microphone gain.
Connect Buttons Instruct codec to connect to pre-configured destinations; illuminate when connection established. Short press to latch; long press for PTT.
Volume Control Adjusts audio level of loudspeakers and headphones.
Rear Panel
XLR Input L Connects to output L on the IP codec
XLR Input R Connects to output R on the IP codec
XLR Output L Connects to INPUT L on the IP codec
LAN 1 & 2 Provides network connections for the VX-4901 and IP codec
Power - In Power from BRIC-Link II PSU or VX-4901 PSU
Power - Out Power the BRIC-Link II using "loop" cable supplied