FLX ClockBox - Networked Timing System

FLX Clockbox is a highly-configurable timing and clock display solution consisting of any number of network-connected display screens and intuitive touch-screen control panels. All elements of the system are synchronized with each other and an external time reference over an existing computer network.

V-400 Series Timers - Stopwatch and Timing on a single display.

A new range of digital clocks with either one or two built-in stopwatch / timers, housed in a single case. They are ideal anywhere timing can be critical and in any situation where having an ad-hoc timer available may be useful.

V-402 & V-496 - Stopwatch Control Units

All V-401A, V-420A and V-490A series clocks may be programmed to function as a simple stopwatch controlled by two external voltage free switch contacts connected to the rear of the clock.

V-458 & V-458-1 - Countdown Displays

V-458 2-row and V-458-1 single row Countdown Displays are designed to focus attention on a forthcoming event such as a product launch. They also operate in count-up mode as "Event-Free" timers commonly used to indicate the successful elapsed time since a breach in safety or other adverse event.