V-402 & V-496 - Stopwatch Control Units

All V-401A, V-420A and V-490A series clocks may be programmed to function as a simple stopwatch controlled by two external voltage free switch contacts connected to the rear of the clock. The clock will count up while contact set 'A' is closed and reset to zero if contact set 'B' is closed.

Two stopwatch control panels are available, either as free standing cased units or as flush fitting switch assemblies for mounting in a larger panel, to enable more complex stopwatch operations.


V-402A Up/Down Stopwatch Controller

The 402A up/down stopwatch control unit enables a V-401A, V-420A or V-490A series clock to be used both as a multi function stopwatch and a time-of-day clock, with the display freely switchable between the two options. The time-of-day count may be synchronised to the standard range of external sources.

The stopwatch function can be programmed to:

The stopwatch can be programmed to operate:

An optional internal interface module (V-404.R) provides a normally open voltage-free relay contact pair, rated at 24v 1A dc, which closes for a pre-programmed period when the countdown reaches zero.


V-496A Stopwatch Controller

The V-496A stopwatch controller unit enables a V-401A, V-420A or V-90A series clock to be used as a split action stopwatch.

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