Some of our older video based hardware that we still have laying around and we find useful.

DigiBox QSD - SDI Quad Split

The DigiBox QSD is a compact, low cost digital quad split unit. It has four SDI inputs with SDI and analogue (RGB or component) outputs as well as genlock functionality. Channel idents are also supported.

Q-Channel Quad Split - Analogue - Combines four colour images onto one video signal.

Ideal for all video security systems, this economical real-time colour quad processor will display four different video pictures at the same time on one TV monitor. Dual outputs are supplied, allowing you to record the signal on a VCR and monitor at the same time.

DigiBox MVC - Multi-Video Converter

The DigiBox MVC Multi-Video Converter is a low-cost Decoder / Converter for Composite and S-Video signals with input selection from the 2x Composite and 2x S-Video sources.

DigiBox RGBS - RGB to S-VHS/Composite Converter plus Stabiliser

This compact RGB encoder is perfect for digital satellite receivers or DVD players which do not have a suitable S-Video output.

DigiBox TBC-HQ - Studio Quality Timebase Corrector

A high-resolution, low-noise, wide-bandwidth Time Base Corrector (TBC) that Gen-locks any two video sources for synchronous effects.

DigiBox V2D - Composite / S-Video to SDI Convertor

The DigiBox V2D converts analogue composite or S-Video signals into serial digital video (SDI) at 270Mb/s. Both 625/50 (PAL) and 525/60 (NTSC) are supported (auto detection).

DigiBox Y2D - Component to SDI Convertor

The DigiBox Y2D converts analogue component signals into serial digital video (SDI) at 270Mb/s. Both 625/50 (PAL) and 525/60 (NTSC) are supported (auto detection).

EasyMix-HD - HD A/B Video Mixer

The EasyMix-HD A/B Video Mixer is part of a new family of low-cost modular HD/SD products that all fit into a 1-U rack-frame system. The HD-RK4 rack has relay bypass in case of mains failure, making them suitable for on-air and broadcast use. EasyMix boards can be used in systems with HD-LOGO Logo Generator/Inserters and HD-DSK Downstream linear keyers with up to 4 cards housed in a single 1-U rackframe.

HD-DSK - HD Digital Keyer

The HD-DSK is a high definition downstream keyer. Each channel provides fill, key, background and preview inputs with two programs and one preview output. It will operate with all current HD and SD standards and provides a linear keying, as well as cut and fade transitions. A single keyboard can control up to 18 boards at one time.

LG50 - Broadcast Quality Cost Effective Logo Generator, with Built in Keyer.

Broadcast logo generator with static or animated logos.

LGA200 - Animated Digital Logo Generator.

PAL/NTSC logo generator with built in keyer, Digital logo generator without built in keyer or Digital logo generator with built in Keyer and 1H autophasing.

MKR-200 - Digital Mixer Keyer

The MKR200 fits into any configuration that needs to key titles, graphics or logos, in the digital broadcast area, i.e, production, post-production, O.B. Vans, satellite, transmission...

MX-AIR - Audio Video Switcher

MX-AIR has been designed to cope with all your needs of mixing video and audio. Housed in a robust and compact frame, it can process embedded or AES/EBU audio and 4:3 or 16:9 video SDI.

QSD-Plus SDI Quad split

QSD-Plus - Quad Multi-viewer

Displays four SDI images on a DVI or SDI or analog video output with audio monitoring capability and multi output screen configuration.

DigiBox-AE/A & DigiBox-AE/D - SDI Embedders for Analogue and Digital Audio

DigiBox-AE/A and DigiBox-AE/D full broadcast specification SDI Audio Embedders embed analogue or AES-EBU audio into an SDI 270Mb/s SDI signal in audio groups 1,2,3 or 4. They are completely self-contained and incorporate high quality audio analogue to digital converters.

Digibox AX/A & Digibox AX/DA full specification SDI audio extractors.

Digibox-AX/A & Digibox-AX/DA - SDI Audio extractors

The DigiBox-AX/A and DigiBox-AX/DA are full broadcast specification SDI Audio Extractors. The DigiBox-AX/A allows extraction (de-embedding) and conversion of one AES/EBU signal from the eight potentially embedded within the ancillary data space of an SDI signal.

CADS Analogue > Digital & CDAS Digital > Analogue Converters

CDAS and CADS modules offer high-quality conversion between component analogue video (YUV and RGB) and 270Mbits/second component serial digital (CCIR-601 / SMPTE 259) video, integrating digital and analogue production equipment in the broadcast signal chain.