DigiLink is a state-of-the-art modular platform leveraging Artel’s 30 years of carrier-class video transport experience. DigiLink is specifically designed to meet the need for a low cost, rugged, and simplified design for transporting broadcast-quality video and Ethernet across IP networks, direct fiber, and optical backbones.

DL4000 - 1 RU 4-Slot Media Transport Chassis

At 1 RU and capable of holding up to 4 function modules, the DL4000 is ideal for smaller deployments or portable applications.

DL4360x - 3 RU 12-Slot Media Transport Chassis

DL4360x features an advanced design combining modular-based transport functions with internal routing capabilities for video and Ethernet traffic.

DLC055 - 10 Port Video I/O

The DLC055 provides flexible video inputs and outputs as well as distribution amplifier capabilities to the DigiLink DL4360x Chassis with Active Routing.

DLC103 - 3G Optical Transceiver

The DLC103 is a flexible, cost-effective, bi-directional fiber optic transport module for for standard digital video formats.

DLC156 - Six Channel TDM Multiplexer for 3G, HD, SDI, and ASI

The DLC156 is an innovative, six channel TDM multiplexer for transporting uncompressed and compressed video over dark fiber or managed optical networks such as ROADM and OTN.

DLC205 - Gig-E Aggregator and Optical Transceiver

DLC205 Gig-E Aggregator and Optical Transceiver enables users to aggregate 9 channels.

DLC450 - HD, SD, ASI, and Gig-E Transport over 10 Gig Ethernet Gateway

The DLC450 utilizes SMPTE 2022-1/2 or 5/6 Video-Over-IP Standards for transport of HD/SD-SDI, ASI video and includes a Gig-E IP interface to bridge IP data over the 10 Gig Ethernet IP interface.

DLC510 - Dual-Port L-Band Demodulator and Satellite Scanner

The award winning DLC510 is a fully automatic L-Band satellite scanner with carrier ID, enabling downlinks from up to two satellites to be transported as ASI.

DLC910 - Quad SD-HD-3G SDI Multiviewer

The DLC910 adds full featured 4-Channel SD-HD-3G SDI multiviewer capabilities to the DigiLink media transport platform.

DLM205 - Gig-E Aggregator and Optical Transceiver w/ On-Board Chassis Management

The DLM205 combines a 9 port non-blocking Ethernet switch and aggregator with DL4000 chassis management capabilities.