DLC510 - Dual-Port L-Band Demodulator and Satellite Scanner

DigiLink is a state-of-the-art modular platform leveraging Artel’s 30 years of carrier-class video transport experience. DigiLink is specifically designed to meet the need for a low cost, rugged, and simplified design for transporting broadcast-quality video and Ethernet across IP networks, direct fiber, and optical backbones.

The most deployed solution for the North American metro-regional video-over-fiber market, DigiLink is used by all major broadcasters and networks for their critical contribution feeds for major sporting, news, and live events. DigiLink is the industry’s gold standard for simplicity of design, legendary reliability, and cost-effectiveness. A tightly integrated platform, it also offers uncompressed video-over-IP transport and integrated video and Ethernet switching.

DLC510 Module

The award winning DLC510 is a fully automatic L-Band satellite scanner with carrier ID, enabling downlinks from up to two satellites to be transported as ASI.

The DLC510 is a dual port electrical L-band RF receiver enabling tuning and demodulation of DVB-S and DVB-S2 signals. The tuners support the full range of 950 to 2150 Megahertz band range and each tunes to a single transponder on C-band or KU-band signals. Support for LNB power and DiSEqC are included. The DLC510 is capable of demodulating two independent transponders supporting QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK modulation. Operation is fully automatic requiring only downlink frequency and LNB power settings. Each ASI transport stream is output to rear panel BNC electrical connectors, the backplane, and a port selectable front panel HD-BNC.

Downloads: Datasheet / Quick Start Guide


  • L-Band to ASI Demodulator
  • RF Monitoring
  • Carrier ID Monitoring (ETSI 103 129)
  • L-Band Satellite Scanner
    • Selectable step size and scan range
    • Logs results for easy retrieval


  • Two independent 950-2150 MHz RF inputs
  • DiSEqC per input 
  • Automatic MOD/COD detection
  • Advanced RF parameter and signal monitoring
  • DVB-S and DVB-S2 compliant 
  • DVB-S2x roll off
  • ASI transport outputs 
  • Supports transport formats and standards
    • DVB-S2: EN 302 307
    • DVB-S: EN 300 421
    • ASI Output: EN 500 83-9, ETSI 101 891
    • MPEG 2 Transport: ISO/IEC 13818-1
    • Carrier ID: ETSI  TS 103 129
  • Fully integrated into DigiLink platform enabling 
    • ASI to IP Conversion
    • ASI Routing
  • Compact, flexible, and low power
    • Consumes a single function slot in DigiLink chassis
    • Configure via HTTP or SNMPv2
    • Consumes less than 15 Watts