ACCESS NX - The Future of IP Audio Transmission

Designed from the ground up as a platform for CrossLock, our sophisticated custom reliability layer, ACCESS NX is the next step in innovative portable broadcasting.

CallMeā„¢ - Click-&-Connect

CallMe is a new cost-effective Subscription Codec service that lets contributors send high-quality broadcast audio back to the studio using the internet, without using dedicated hardware or software. To "Go Live" they simply click on the CallMe Button and connect with low-latency high-quality audio, to the chosen codec at the studio, already set up as part of the licencing process.

CallMe-T - Low-Cost Opus/G.722 IP Audio Codec

CallMe-T is a low-cost IP codec supporting Opus/G.722 audio coding algorithms, developed by Vortex specifically for CallMe users. CallMe-TS Studio Codec fills the gap providing a hardware back-end at an extremely competitive price. It is housed in a 108mm x 103mm x 44mm enclosure for table-top use whilst for larger installations, 4 can be mounted side-by-side in 1-U.

LiveShot - Live Low-Latency HD Video Over IP

LiveShot is an ultra-low latency 3G/4G/WiFi/Ethernet HD/SD Video Codec, using H.264 HIGH Profile and AAC-ELD for very low-delay / high quality video and audio. Its store-and-forward capability coupled with its comprehensive control make it ideal for live news, sports and outside broadcasts.

BRIC-Link II low-cost IP Audio Codec

BRIC-Link II - Low-Cost IP Audio Codec

BRIC-Link II IP Audio Codecs are designed for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point Audio connections. They use Comrex's revolutionary BRIC (Broadcast-Reliable Internet Codec) technology to deliver low-delay, jitter-free, high-quality mono or stereo audio over IP networks including the public internet either compressed (AAC algorithms), uncompressed PCM or FLAC Lossless coding

MCC Multi-Codec Control - BRIC IP Codec Management

MCC is the BRIC IP Codec Management software that helps control, maintain and monitor your ACCESS, BRIC-Link or MIDAS codecs. Call/Drop function for remote use, Packet Loss, Delay, Call Quality and many other parameters to help keep your broadcast seamless and problem free with full control of your codecs from a single instance of Windows.

ACCESS HotSwitch - IP Audio Switcher

HotSwitch is an application for Microsoft Windows which provides advanced control capabilities for the Comrex ACCESS family of IP audio codecs. It allows a single codec to send audio to multiple remote codecs, hot-switching the live return audio feed between the remote units. HotSwitch is ideal for radio stations which need to accept live contributions from a number of reporters in the field in a short space of time (for example sports results roundups).

ACCESS - IP / Internet Digital Audio Codec

The ACCESS Rackmount and Portable units use the latest audio algorithms and AAC codecs - including the remarkable AAC-ELD - to deliver low-delay, high-quality mono or stereo audio over the public internet and other IP networks. Compatible with a wide variety of IP, POTS and GSM codecs, they can be used with Ethernet and POTS or wireless connections such as WiFi, 4G and 3G mobile data and BGAN/VSAT satellite services.

VH2 Dual VoIP Hybrid - Dual Line VoIP hybrid from Comrex

VH2 is a dual line hybrid from Comrex that connects to VoIP lines for individual calls or conferencing two together. Radio stations need a VoIP hybrid to ensure on-air and recorded phone calls sound beautiful. VH2 is the answer to all of the above and can be installed on just about any IP phone system.

CallMe - Low-cost IP Audio Codecs

The CallMe family comprises CallMe Click & Connect for connecting guests and reporters to the studio using just a web browsers; CallMe-T low-cost hardware SIP-compatible Opus codecs and CallMe diRECt browser-browser solution for live streaming and simultaneous recording of both ends of the call, with end-to-end encryption.