ACCESS HotSwitch - IP Audio Switcher

ACCESS HotSwitch

ACCESS HotSwitch is an application for Microsoft Windows which provides advanced control capabilities for the Comrex ACCESS family of IP audio codecs. It allows a local ACCESS codec to connect to several 'standby' remote units such that they all receive audio from the local codec.

A single 'on-air' remote codec can simultaneously be selected for a two-way connection, where it also sends audio back to the local codec. The two-way connection can then be hot-switched from one remote codec to another. When a one-way connection is established to a remote unit, it will receive a full programme audio feed from the studio (this is fed to the right input channel of the local codec), but when the connection is hot-switched to two-way, the remote unit automatically receives clean feed or 'mix-minus' (fed to the left input of the local codec).

ACCESS HotSwitch Interface

Whilst HotSwitch provides this advanced multiple-connection and hot-switching functionality, it can equally well be used to make and break 'normal' connections to remote codecs in the same way as the Connections screen of the ACCESS browser interface.

HotSwitch is ideal for radio stations which need to accept live contributions from a number of reporters in the field in a short space of time (for example sports results roundups).

ACCESS HotSwitch Connect Screen

HotSwitch runs on a PC in the studio and controls the local ACCESS Rack codec. A one-way connection is first established to each reporter's ACCESS Portable codec, providing them all with the same audio feed from the studio (typically programme audio).

When the time comes for a report from a particular remote location, a two-way connection is established with the appropriate Portable, which will receive a clean-feed (mix-minus), while the others all still receive the programme audio.

When used with the Traversal Server, HotSwitch can be configured to connect to new remote codecs and send audio as soon as they appear on the server, providing a seamless experience for the remote reporter. They need only switch on their ACCESS Portable and will be immediately connected to the studio.


Click here to download a 30-day fully-functional demo version of ACCESS HotSwitch. A pdf user manual is included in the zip file.
System Requirements
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP or later
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher (installed automatically)
Windows Installer 3.1 or higher (installed automatically)
CPU 400MHz or faster
RAM 96MB or more
Display 1024x768 or larger, 16-bit colour or higher
Hard disk 500MB free or more
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