LiveShot - Live Low-Latency HD Video Over IP

LiveShot is an ultra-low latency 3G/4G/WiFi/Ethernet HD/SD Video Codec, using H.264 HIGH Profile and AAC-ELD for very low-delay / high quality video and audio. Its store-and-forward capability coupled with its comprehensive control make it ideal for live news, sports and outside broadcasts.

Scan Do HD - Broadcast Quality HD/SD Scan Convertor

The SCAN-DO/HD allows computer-generated content such as websites, online videos or computer games to be broadcast at a wide range of HD and SD resolutions. It incorporates extensive scaling, positioning and video processing functions.

SPG-100HD/G - Master Video and Audio Sync Generator

The SPG-100HD/G is a Genlock Master Sync Generator especially designed to cater for all SD/HD video & digital audio reference requirements within the broadcast, film & post-production industries

HD-LOGO - SD/HD Logo Generator

HD-LOGO is a 4 layer SD/HD logo generator board with built-in keyer. Each of the four channels provide static or animated logos. Logos are uploaded via the Ethernet port in BMP or TGA formats.HD-LOGO can be fitted in a rack frame that comes with automatic bypass capability as standard and can host up to four boards in only 1U. This rack frame can also be fitted with HD-EASYMIX and HD-DSK boards

High Definition Component Video + Audio Balun

PBE-822 - High Definition Component Video + Audio Balun

Send High Definition Component Video and Audio signals on UTP at distances of up to 500 ft

PBE-827 HD + audio + IR Balun set

PBE-827 - HD Balun

Sends HD component with data + IR and audio distances upto about 150m (500 ft approx).

DigiBox-A2D Composite plus Analogue Audio SDI Converter / Embedder

DigiBox-A2D - Composite Video & Analogue Audio SDI Converter / Embedder

Perfect for converting from analog HD/SD component, NTSC, PAL or S-Video to SDI out with balanced jack AES/EBU and analog audio embedding.