HD-LOGO - SD/HD Logo Generator



HD Rack for up to 4 HD cards

The HD-LOGO is part of a new family of low-cost modular HD/SD products that all fit into a 1-U rack-frame system. The HD-RK4 rack has relay bypass in case of mains failure, making them suitable for on-air and broadcast use. HD-LOGO Logo Generator/Inserters can be used in systems with EasyMix-HD mixers and HD-DSK Downstream linear keyers with up to 4 cards housed in a single 1-U rackframe.

The HD-LOGOis the latest in our established range of Logo Generator / Inserters. Logos (including animated logos) are created with Windows™ software and uploaded via Ethernet to the HD-LOGO where they are stored. Sequences may incorporate fade up / down, move and distort with sequences programmable via the LogoEdit software for single button / GPI recall. The Key signal can be automatically generated or created separately providing the opportunity to produce transparent logos. Logos are stored in non-volatile memory with 64 video pages (full-screen logos) as standard.

HD-RCK4 Logo Rack - Rear Panel


The HD-LOGO is the latest in our established range of modular Logo Generator/Inserters. Applications include:

HD-Logo Block Diagram

Programme Inputs SD/HD Background - BNC-F 75 Ohm Terminating - with 1-line autophasing
SD/HD Foregroud/Fill - BNC-F 75 Ohm Terminating - with 1-line autophasing
SD/HD Key - BNC-F 75 Ohm Terminating - with 1-line autophasing
SD/HD Preview Input - BNC-F 75 Ohm Terminating - with 1-line autophasing
Genlock Input Black and Burst for SD or Tri-Level for HD - with loop-through (feeds all cards in HD-RK4
Horizontal and Vertical phase adjustment
Programme Outputs 2x SD/HD Programme Output BNC-F 75 Ohm - with relay bypass in rackframe
Preview Output SD/HD Preview Output BNC-F 75 Ohm Terminating - with relay bypass in rackframe
Keying In-built downstream SD/HD Linear Keyer for Logo insertion
Optional additional Mix/DSK Layer with external inputs
Standards SD - 270MBits/s, HD - 1.485 Gbits/s
  • 625i SD (EBU BT601)
  • 525i SD (SMPTE 125M)
  • 1080i/50 HD (SMPTE 274M-6)
  • 1080i/59.94 HD (SMPTE 274M5)
  • 720p/50 HD (SMPTE 296-M3)
  • 720p/59.94 (SMPTE 296-M2)
  • FCC Part 15 & CE Compliant
Internal Processing 12-bit
Embedded Audio Transparent to Aux Data and Embedded Audio
Audio is routed un-mixed
Logo Storage 384Mbytes Flash Memory (64 full-screen logos)
Logo Creation Windows™ LogoEdit software (included) for static & animated logo creation, positioning and up-load
Logo Upload Ethernet 10/100base-T
GPI 6x GPI Inputs - pull-to-ground
5x GPI Tally Outputs - open collector
1-U Control Panels RSC-16 - to select 16 logos / sequences and logo move - via RS-422
RSC-8 - to select 8 logos / sequences and logo move - via RS-422
EDH EDH Insertion on output
Transitions Cut and Fade (programmable)
Downstream Fade-to-Black (programmable) on Programme Output
Power Requirements:
Consumption 90VA max DC Low-voltage from external switch-mode module (supplied)
External PSU 100-250VAC 50-60Hz with IEC mains input
Connector 5mm / 2mm Coaxial - +ve inner
Backup Dual Redundant PSUs available (optional - PW-90)
Operating Temperature 0-50C (32-122F)
Relative Humidity 0% - 90% non-condensing
Size 1-U x 19" Rackmount - 483 x 133 x 450 deep (19" x 5.25" x 15") approx
Weight 4Kg (6lbs) approx
FOR-A LG-200, Burst LG-1 Plus, LG700H, PIP-200 Kramer, Leitch 1302, MGI-1302, QSI-808P, LogoMotion, HD10xx Snell and Willcox, IQLOG,MGI-3902H, LG300, 7725VBJ, Oxygen DCT SCA2