Scan Do HD - Broadcast Quality HD/SD Scan Convertor

Scan-Do/HD Front

The SCAN-DO/HD is a broadcast-quality, high-definition and standard-definition scan converter with DVI input and HD-/SD-SDI output. The SCAN-DO/HD allows websites, videos, computer graphics, video games or any other computer-generated content, at resolutions up to 1920x1200, to be broadcast in just about any standard- or high-definition format. No additional computer hardware or software is required and all internal processing paths in the SCAN-DO/HD are 10-bit, ensuring a consistently clean, high-quality output.

The SCAN-DO/HD's advanced algorithms allow the input video to be scaled both horizontally and vertically (either independently or locked to maintain a constant aspect ratio) from 25 to 200% and accurately positioned in the output frame. The unit also incorporates extensive video processing features which allow adjustment of the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness of the signal. 8 levels of manual flicker reduction are provided together with an automatic mode which selects the optimum level for any given signal.

The unit incorporates both SD and HD scan conversion as standard and provides two parallel SDI outputs as well as optical output. A genlock input, compatible with tri-level sync and black-burst, locks the horizontal, vertical and clock phases of the output signal over the entire vertical output period with a resolution of 840 picoseconds. The horizontal, vertical and clock phases can all be advanced or delayed independently.


The SCAN-DO/HD can be controlled via the front-panel push buttons and on-screen display or remotely by connecting the unit to an IP network and using the built-in, user-friendly web interface from a standard web browser. A serial port is also provided for RS232 control. Commonly-used configurations can be stored in the SCAN-DO/HD's internal memory and recalled using either of the remote control ports.

The SCAN-DO/HD incorporates a colour bar generator, providing a convenient test signal source. For additional information please see the Scan-Do/HD Manual SCAN-DO/HD web interface


Input Video
Connectors DVI-D or DVI-I (digital signal only) single link with active loop-through output
Resolution RGB, up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz
Pixel clock frequency 25 to 165MHz
Output Video
Connectors Two parallel BNC outputs (SMPTE 292 & 259)
One optical output (SMPTE 292 & 297), 1310 nm, single mode or multimode (SC/PC connector)
Only one output format is available (on all outputs) at any one time
HD resolutions 10-bit HD-SDI (SMPTE 292)
SD resolutions 10-bit SD-SDI (SMPTE 259)
625/50/I (PAL)
525/59.9/I (NTSC)
Video Processing
Internal signal path 10-bit, all digital
Processing controls Brightness
Colour saturation
8-level manual or automatic flicker reduction
Scaling and positioning Vertical and horizontal shrink and zoom from 25 to 200% independently or locked to a constant aspect ratio
Separate horizontal and vertical positioning
Connectors BNC input with loop-through output
Format and resolution PAL/NTSC black-burst or HD tri-level sync
HD resolutions will genlock to PAL/NTSC black-burst at the same vertical rate
Horizontal, vertical and clock phasing with a range of one output vertical period and resolution of 840ps
Control Independent advance or delay of horizontal, vertical and clock phases
IP 10/100BaseT Ethernet port and built-in web server
Serial RS-232, DB-9 female
Front panel Push buttons with on-screen display
Settings storage Multiple configurations stored and recalled using serial or IP interface
Test Signal Generator Colour bars @ 100% or 75% saturation
Requirements 95-250V AC, 47-63Hz, 20 watts
Connector 3-pin IEC
Size 1-U x 19" Rackmount - 425 x 45 x 254mm deep (16.75" x 1.75" x 10") approx
Weight 2.5kg (5.5lbs) approx