Vortex also supplies several control options for you audio/video routing switchers from simple RS-232 control boxes to software to control your switcher over the internet. There are many options available so read on for more information...

NetControl 2000 IP Controller - For audio / video routing switchers

NetControl 2000 is an Internet Protocol (IP) control device designed to enable control of routing switchers via the Internet or via Ethernet on a local area network (LAN).

Remote Keypad Controller - For audio / video routing switchers

The Remote Controller is an RS232 terminal device which is designed to control the VX8X00 series of audio / video routing switchers from remote locations via three-wire hookup or modem.

RS Pushbutton / Infrared Controller - For VX8500 series routing switchers

RS Pushbutton / Infrared Controller is a serial communications device designed exclusively for remote control of any VX8500 series routing switcher.

Software & Other Controllers - For audio / video routing switchers

Windows Control software for Routers & Switchers, USB Adapter and Multilevel translator also increase control options.