Software & Other Controllers - For audio / video routing switchers

V-FlexConnect software Additional Controllers

Windows Control Software

V-FlexConnect is an application for Microsoft Windows (XP or later) which provides advanced control capabilities for Vortex A/V matrix routing switchers. It is compatible with both serial- and IP-controlled switchers, as well as IP-based serial port servers. V-FlexConnect can be used at the same time as a front-panel or push-button controller and, with a suitable switcher or serial port server, multiple computers can use V-FlexConnect to control a switcher simultaneously.

USB Adapter

The USB adapter allows PC communications programs to control routing switchers from a USB port or USB hub. The software maps in a real or phantom COM port on a PC to the USB interface, while the hardware intercepts the USB communications and converts them to RS232 to control switchers in real time.

Multilevel Translator

The Multilevel Translator addresses up to eight levels of audio or video within a matrix array comprising up to four routing switchers. Multiple signal types such as S- and composite video, stereo audio or five channel surround sound may be mapped to as many as 999 outputs across multiple routers. The Multi Level translator is a hardware device with one RS232 input and four RS232 outputs with a software user interface.