Remote Keypad Controller - For audio / video routing switchers

Remote Keypad Controller


The Remote Keypad Controller is an RS232 terminal device which is designed to control the Vortex series of audio / video routing switchers from remote locations via three-wire hookup or modem.

Keypad may be cascaded for multiple site controls; router instructions are passed along from upstream terminals or drivers (such as the Windows control software).

The keypad is mounted in a 5" x 7" ABS housing, approximately 1.5" high. It has two DB9 connectors: one male for RS232 out (down-stream) to the routing switcher which is to be controlled, and one female for RS232 in from another keypad controller or other RS232 terminal device.

Power is supplied from a wall plug-in module which provides power at 8V DC to 12V DC at approximately 250mA.

Power Supply: 8V DC nominal @ 250 mA
16V DC absolute maximum voltage
Power Connector: 5mm / 2mm coaxial, tip negative
RS232 Connectors: DB9P (male) to routing switcher
DB9S (female) to terminal device
Controls: 16-key keypad
Display: 2 line x 24 character LCD; contrast adjust via internal pot
Battery Backup: 1 x DL1220 3V cell
Dimensions: Slope-fronted ABS housing
178 x 127 x 38mm (7" x 5" x 1.5") (W x D x H) approx
Shipping Weight: 1Kg (2lbs) approx