VX8000-256MB, VX8000-256HB - 30MHz and 200MHz modular video / audio routing switchers

VX8000-256MB / VX8000-256HB front VX8000-256MB / VX8000-256HB rear



The VX8000-256MB (Medium Bandwidth) and VX8000-256HB (High Bandwidth) matrix switchers expand the range of the highly-successful VX-8000 range and have the largest input-output capacity of all Vortex switchers. Expandable from 32x32 up to 256x256 with high-performance broadcast specs, VX8000-256 switchers can handle the needs of almost any application: the MB is suitable for routing composite, Y/C and high-definition YUV video, while the HB adds RGBHV capability.

Matrix configurations are assembled in multiples of thirty-two by inserting audio or video cards into a 12U rackframe via the hinged front panel. Audio and video frames are linked together via serial cable to achieve full audio-follows-video routing; audio can also be routed separately. All current and stored patterns are backed up in non-volatile memory. The internal mil-spec power supply is 110V/230V auto-sensing; a redundant power supply is optional.

The matrix is controlled via front panel controller or RS232. Several command options such as SALVO, batch, and event control are offered. Other control options include computer, remote keypad, third party controllers or all three.

Part Number Guide

Basic Part Size Audio Layers Options
VX8000-256MB/ = 30MHz bandwidth
VX8000-256HB/ = 200MHz bandwidth
32x32/ = 32 inputs x 32 outputs
128x64/ = 128 inputs x 64 outpus
256x192/ = 256 inputs x 192 outputs
256x256/ = 256 inputs x 256 outputs
Input and output channels available in multiples of 32 from 32x32 to 256x256. The audio and video matrices do not need to be the same size.
V/ = Video only (no audio)
A/ = Unbalanced Mono
AA/ = Unbalanced Stereo
B/ = Balanced Mono
BB/ = Balanced Stereo
FPC = Front Panel Controller
Analogue Video:
Inputs BNC-F 75 ohms
Outputs BNC-F 75 ohms
Frequency Response - VX8000-256MB ±0.5dB to 20 MHz, -3dB @ 30 MHz
Frequency Response - VX8000-256HB DC to 200 MHz @ 300mV, <-3dB @ 150 MHz
Typ -6dB @ 200 MHz @ 1.0V, <-3dB @ 115 MHz
DC Offset - VX8000-256MB <±10mV
Input & Output Levels - VX8000-256MB Up to ±1.4V peak
Crosstalk - VX8000-256MB <-50dB @ 4 MHz
Crosstalk - VX8000-256HB Typ <-70dB @ 5 MHz all I/Ps hostile
Typ <-55dB @ 20 MHz all I/Ps hostile
Typ <-25dB @ 100 MHz all I/Ps hostile
Typ <-40dB @ 200 MHz one I/P hostile
Balanced Audio:
Inputs 2-part 3-way "Phoenix-type" connectors with screw terminals for +/-/Scn (bare wire), bridging or 600 ohm termination
Outputs 2-part 3-way "Phoenix-type" connectors with screw terminals for +/-/Scn (bare wire), bridging or 600 ohm termination
Frequency Response 20Hz to 50KHz ±0.25dB
Input & Output Levels 0, 4 or 16dB, clipping at 18dB
Crosstalk <-90dB @ 20KHz
Hum and Noise <-90dB
Unbalanced Audio:
Inputs RCA Phono, 100K
Outputs RCA Phono, 1K
Input Level Up to 2V pk-pk
Frequency Response 20Hz to 30KHz
Crosstalk <-85dB @ 1KHz
Serial RS-232 on D-9 (standard)
Front Panel Optional front panel controller
Power Requirements:
Consumption ±5.5V DC nominal @ 15A
Input 100-120V or 200-240V AC, 47 to 63Hz, 300 Watts maximum
Size 12-U x 19" rackmount chassis with hinged front panel - 483 x 533 x 254mm deep (19" x 21" x 10") approx