Vortex SDI converters provide conversion, synchronization, distribution and analogue monitoring of serial digital video signals, as well as embedding and de-embedding audio.

V-Multi-V - includes both up, down and cross conversion and a 4 field standards converter.

Fantastic for placement on deck SDI inputs, so you always get NTSC or PAL into the deck. Use the cross converter to convert 720p to 1080i or 1080i to 720p so you can edit once and master in SD, 720p and 1080i video.

DigiBox-A2D Composite plus Analogue Audio SDI Converter / Embedder

DigiBox-A2D - Composite Video & Analogue Audio SDI Converter / Embedder

Perfect for converting from analog HD/SD component, NTSC, PAL or S-Video to SDI out with balanced jack AES/EBU and analog audio embedding.

Digibox-D2A - Converts SD, HD, 3G and 6G-SDI to HD/SD component.

Mini Converter SDI to Analog 4K includes everything you need to convert from SD, HD, 3G and 6G-SDI video to analog HD/SD component, NTSC and PAL video.