BCU-300 - Broadcast Changeover Systems


The BCU-300 Broadcast Changeover Unit provides a comprehensive solution to programme circuit backup for both video and audio. It is based on the well-proven Vortex VX-2005 programme fail detection modules, which can be configured to detect loss of audio or video signals, including video with sound in syncs.

To ensure continuity of transmission, signals are generally distributed via 2 (or more) separate paths to the transmitter. The BCU-300 monitors these signal paths and selects between them using programmable array logic. The comprehensive programming capabilities of the BCU-300 can be customised to particular applications.

Special hardware configurations can be supplied to order. Alarm and status output, front panel manual override, and remote control operation are all provided as standard.

The system also lends itself to audio transmission circuits with ISDN backup, and can control TA and codec to ensure minimum use of the dial-up backup circuit.

The BCU-300 has been fully laboratory tested for EMC emission and immunity, and every care has been taken to avoid long signal paths within the unit, to ensure transparent performance for the programme signal chains.