VX8500-PRO - High performance 2 output routing switcher

VX8500-PRO/16x2 front VX8500-PRO/16x2 rear VX8500-PRO/8x2 rear VX8500-PRO/16x2 rear



The VX8500-PRO Series vertical interval routing switchers are high-performance audio/video units in thin profile 3-U rackmount chassis. They are configured for 16, 8, or 4 sources to 2 destinations.

The routers are active switchers that accept and route almost any 1 volt NTSC/PAL, RGB or 5-channel RGBHV / VGA video source including off-the-air and non-timebase corrected signals.

The VX8500-PRO series accepts and routes mono or stereo unbalanced audio up to 2 volts p-p. Video and audio sources can be routed independently; they need not have the same destinations.

Easy manual operation from front panel push-buttons or routing commands sent from a computer via RS232 interface.

Part Number Guide

Basic Part Size Video Layers Audio Layers
VX8500-PRO/ 4x2/ = 4 inputs x 2 outputs
8x2/ = 8 inputs x 2 outputs
16x2/ = 16 inputs x 2 outputs
V/ = Composite video (BNCs)
YC/ = S-Video (Y + C) (4-Pin Mini-DIN)
RGB/ = RGB (or YUV SD/HD Component) (BNCs)
AA = Unbalanced Stereo (phonos)
BB = Balanced Stereo (Phoenix screw terminals)
Analogue Video:
Inputs BNC-F 75 Ohm Terminating
Outputs BNC-F 75 Ohm Terminating
Frequency response DC to 200 MHz @ 300mv, <-3dB @ 150 MHz; Typ -6dB @ 200 MHz @ 1.0v, <-3dB @ 115 MHz (composite and YC)
DC to 350 MHz @ 700mv, <-3dB @ 300 MHz (YUV and RGBHV)
Crosstalk Typ <-70dB @ 5 MHz all I/Ps hostile
Typ <-55dB @ 20 MHz all I/Ps hostile
Typ <-25dB @ 100 MHz all I/Ps hostile
Typ <-40dB @ 200 MHz one I/P hostile
Balanced Audio:
Inputs 2-part 3-way "Phoenix-type" connectors with screw terminals for +/-/Scn (bare wire), bridging or 600 ohm termination
Oututs 2-part 3-way "Phoenix-type" connectors with screw terminals for +/-/Scn (bare wire), bridging or 600 ohm termination
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 50 KHz ±0.25dB
Level 0, 4 or 16 dB, clipping at 18 dB
Crosstalk <-90dB @ 20 KHz
Hum and Noise <-90dB
Unbalanced Audio:
Inputs RCA Phono, 100K
Outputs RCA Phono, 1K
Input level Up to 2 volts p-p
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 30 KHz
Crosstalk <-85dB @ 1KHz
Power Requirements:
Consumption Nominal 15V DC @ 1.5A from plug-in module (supplied)
External PSU Input 100-240VAC 50-60Hz with IEC mains input, 30VA
Connector 5mm / 2mm Coaxial - +ve inner
Size 3-U x 19" Rackmount - 483 x 133 x 50mm deep (19" x 5.25" x 2") approx
Weight 3Kg (6lbs) approx