PBE-937/2 - Active VGA Dual Set



The PBE-937-2 Active VGA Set, Dual Output is based on the solid foundation of our Passive VGA balun series. This first product in the Active VGA line allows signals to be sent from a computer over a single 4 pair UTP run at distances of over 100 metres. Please note that results may vary depending on quality of cable and installation as well as monitor sync circuitry. Also that some TFT and other flat panel displays may reject poor quality signals which can occur when signals are transmitted over longer distances.

At the source end, a passive technology balun (PBE-938) with a 15pin HDD connector cable hooks to your computer. At the receiving end, the PV939 (powered from its plug-top power supply) actively regenerates the RGBHV signals from the source, and splits to provide two outputs.

Applications include Information kiosks, Call centre screens, message screens, classrooms and auditoriums, monitoring stations

Product Versions
PBE-937-2 Active VGA Set, Dual Output + Transformer
PBE-938 Computer End for PV937-2 (passive).
PBE-939-2 Receive End for PV937-2 (active - plugtop PSU included)
  Note: This item is only sold as the PBE-937-2 Set.
RJ45 Pinout Red 1 & 2, Green 4 & 5, Blue 7 & 8, H & V sync (mux) 3 & 6
PBE-938 PC end 150mm tail with HDD15 male connector
PBE-939-2 Monitor end 2x HDD15 female connectors
Bandwidth Flat to 60MHz RGBHV
Modes supported VGA / S-VGA / XGA all modes (up to 1024x768)
Monitor Types Most including EPA Energy Star (see note above)
Cable Type CAT-5e or better recommended
Dimensions 66mm x 66mm x 28mm (PBE-398) PC end
140mm x 85mm x 40mm (PBE-939-2) Receiving End
Net Weight 0.55 kg