PBE-930 - VGA Video Balun Set



The PBE-930 VGA Video Balun Set allows computer video signals that adhere to the VGA/ SVGA/XVGA standards to be transmitted over Category 5 or better UTP wiring. All modes and resolutions operate normally. Distance and quality of transmission are dependent on type of cable used and monitor sync circuitry. Please note that some TFT and Plasma screens may reject poor quality signals. These units are recommended for distances up to about 30m (depending on cable type and installation) The circuitry in the PBE-930 set of VGA Video baluns is fully passive, requiring no external power.

For larger distances and for running multiple monitors or daisy-chaining applications, please look at the PBE-937-2 Active VGA product set.

Product Versions
PBE-930 Set, VGA Video Baluns: PV931 + PV932 Connectors 15p HDD to RJ45
PBE-931 Computer End for PV930 Red : HDD 1(& 6) to 1 & 2 RJ45
PBE-932 Receive end for PV930
  Note: These items are only sold as part of a PBE-930 Set.
PBE-931 PC end D15 HDD plug on 150mm tail - RJ45 socket for CAT-5
PBE-932 Monitor end D15 HDD socket - RJ-45 Socket for CAT-5 connection
RJ45 Pinouts Red 1 & 2, Green 4 & 5, Blue 7 & 8, H & V Sync (mux) 3 & 6
Video Bandwidth Flat to 60MHz RGBHV
Modes supported VGA / SVGA / XGA (up to 1024x768) including "Energy Star"
Distance Typically around 20m depending on cable type and installation
Dimensions 66mm x 75mm x 28mm
Net Weight 0.09 kg