PBE-920 - Component Video Baluns



The PBE-920 Series of Component Video Baluns are designed for ease of use and consistent signal labelling in applications that utilize component video signals.

Component video formats include RGB, YUV, YIQ and YCrCb. The PBE-920 baluns are functionally identical to the PBE-890 series, but may be labelled for use with your application as required (YUV shown above). Due to custom labelling requirements, additional lead times may apply for these products.

YCrCb component video is a recent addition to consumer equipment, found on some DVD players, high-end televisions and home theatre equipment.

  3 BNC female or 3 RCA jacks to RJ45 jack, pinouts marked on label
Product Versions:
PBE-920 Component Video Balun, 3 BNC to RJ45 jack
PBE-921 Component Video Balun, 3 RCA to RJ45 jack
Dimensions 66mm x 75mm x 28mm
Net Weight 0.09 kg