PBE-902 - S-Video + Stereo Audio Balun



The PBE-902 is a passive (non-powered) device. It is bidirectional, in the sense that identical baluns are used on transmit and receive ends of the run of UTP. Used in pairs to adapt both ends of a run of Category 5 or better cable, the result is clean, transparent video and audio transmitted over distances in excess of 300 meters.

The PBE-902 utilizes all four pairs of a UTP run to deliver all the quality promised by S-Video, without all the expensive cables required for a long run.

  4 pin mini-DIN (S-Video) / (2) RCA (audio) to RJ45
Product Versions:
PBE-902 S-Video (Mini-DIN) + (2) RCA Audio to RJ45
Video Bandwidth Flat to 60MHz
Audio Bandwidth 10Hz to 20KHz
Distance up to about 300m depending on cable type and installation
Cable Type CAT-5 with bonded pairs or better
Crosstalk <-50dB
Impedance 600:600 (audio)
Isolation 500V (audio per channel)
Dimensions 66mm x 66mm x 28mm
Net Weight 0.09 kg