PBE-840 Series - Baseband video baluns



The PBE-840 Extended Baseband Video Baluns allows you the freedom to use UTP instead of costly coax to transmit baseband video signals throughout your facility, with better signal characteristics, at a lower cost. Depending on your application, you may be able to utilize previously installed wiring, with a corresponding dramatic improvement in cost of installation.

Single, Dual and Quad baseband video baluns are available. Using the PBE-845, Quad Balun. You can transmit 4 distinct baseband video signals on a single run of Cat5 or better UTP, utilizing all four pairs in the cable. Since each pair has a carefully balance signal on it, you can run video in two directions on different pairs simultaneously.

The PBE-840 Series of baluns supports colour video at distances in excess of 300 meters, depending on cable type. Black and white signals will typically be supported up to 750 metres.

Product Versions:
PBE-843 Ext’d Baseband Video Balun M-BNC to RJ45 7, 8
PBE-844B Ext’d Baseband Video Balun RCA phono to RJ45 5, 4
PBE-845 Quad Baseband Video Balun F-BNC to RJ45
PBE-846 Dual channel baseband video. (F-BNC to RJ45 5,4 and 7,8)
PBE-847 Quad Baseband Video Balun RCA Phonos to RJ45
PBE-848 Ext’d Baseband Video Balun M-BNC to RJ45 5, 4
PBE-849 Ext’d Baseband Video Balun F-BNC to RJ45 5, 4
Bandwidth Flat to 60MHz
Crosstalk <-50dB
Cable Type Cat-5e or better recommended
Distance Around 300m depending on cable type (colour)
Around 750m for Black and white / monochrome signals
Dimensions 25mm x 25mm x 70mm (single channel PBE-843/844/848/849)
66mm x 66m x 28mm (Dual and Quad PBE-846 and PBE-845/847)
Net Weight Net Weight 0.05 kg