PBE-316 Distribution System - Composite Video & Stereo Audio

PBE - 316 Distribution System

The Sourcerer system sends video and stereo audio signals over CAT-x structured cable for distances of up to 2km, maintaining excellent signal quality with minimal degredation. It is a send/receive system, employing a driver at the source of the signal and a receiver at the destination.

As well as carrying video and audio to the destination, infra red control signals are carried from the destination to the source to provide distant remote control of equipment such as a Satellite decoder or DVD player.

PBE - 301R Set top box front PBE - 301R Set top box rear

The Sourcerer takes advantage of the widespread use of CAT-x structured cable for telecom and computer applications and avoids the need for costly and disruptive video and audio cable runs. Both UTP unshielded and STP shielded twisted pair CAT-5 cables are suitable. Video and stereo audio can be transmitted over distances of up to 2 kilometres whilst the standard configuration is normally adjusted for links from about 150m to 450m and above.

The PBE-316 multi-channel switcher/driver accepts 16 video and stereo audio sources for distribution over CAT-5 to up to 12 PBE-301R receivers. Each user has independent infra red remote source selection, switching between any of the 16 inputs to the PBE-316. The PBE-316 is a true matrix switcher, and any number of users can watch the same input simultaneously or each user can watch a different channel.

PBE - 316 Infra Red handset

The infra-red handset included with each PBE-316 driver card, lets users select channels from the 16 sources. If the PBE-316T rack frame is equipped with the PBE-IR12 Infra-Red repeater array, infra red commands from destinations can be repeated to control equipment at the sending end using that equipment's own handset. By using an optional programmable remote control handset, there is the additional benefit of being able to control equipment upstream of the PBE-316, for instance a DVD player, satellite receiver or cable TV decoder, from the same handset. The commands to control the equipment are learned by the handset and are made available as an LED emitter driver signal on the rear panel of the PBE-316 as the appropriate buttons on the handset are pressed.

Two versions of the PBE-316 chassis are available, PBE-316 Master and PBE-316S Slave, allowing additional banks of 12 outputs to be easily configured. The slave chassis differs from the master in that the input sockets for video and audio are not present but two looping ribbon cables are provided to carry the video and audio inputs from the master chassis to the slave. Up to three slave s may be daisy-chained to give a total of 48 driver outputs from a single Sourcerer system. Greater numbers are also possible, using signal distribution equipment in conjunction with the Sourcerer.

Chassis PBE-316T 3U high 19" rackframe, 370mm deep
Video inputs 16x PAL/NTSC/SECAM composite baseband
Video signals 1V pk-pk, 75W, chassis RCA phono socket
Looping video input Video inputs looped to 50-way ribbon connector
Audio inputs 16x stereo unbalanced audio
Audio signals IHF levels (-10dBu), chassis RCA phono socket
Looping audio input Audio inputs looped to 50-way ribbon connector
IR control signal outputs (via CAT-5) 12x LED emitter drivers on DB25 socket
Power Mains 230V AC (other voltages to special order)
Function 16x1 video and audio input switcher and CAT-5 driver
Video and audio input selection IR controlled via CAT-5 from PBE-301R receiver
Video and audio output CAT-5 signal compatible with PBE-301R receiver
Video bandwidth 6MHz ±0.1dB (@300m)
Audio bandwidth 60Hz to 16kHz (@300m)
Signal adjustment Automatic adjustment ±150m of preset range
Manual adjustment Fine tuning on card
Preset range Factory preset to 300m ±150m
Maximum range up to 2km depending on cable and signal
CAT-5 interface RJ-45 modular jack
Source equipment control IR emitter driver signal from PBE-316 receiver
Remote control handsets PBE-HH1 standard 16 channel input selector
PBE-HH2 learning controller for switching and control
VCR lead (video and stereo audio) PBE-CBL1 SCART to video / stereo audio (3x phono)
VCR lead (video output only) PBE-CBL2 phono to phono
Standard lead (video and stereo audio) PBE-CBL3 BNC and 2x phono to 3x phono
Stereo audio lead PBE-CBL4 2x phono to 2x phono
Mono to stereo audio lead PBE-CBL5 phono to 2x phono
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