PBE-303SR - Passive Balun for Composite Video and Stereo Audio


The Sourcerer PBE-303SR can send video and stereo audio signals over CAT-5 structured cable for distances up to around 100m (for greater distances, please consider the PBE-301S / PBE-301R), maintaining excellent signal quality with minimal degradation.

The Sourcerer takes advantage of the widespread use of CAT-5 structured cable for telecom and computer applications and avoids the need for costly and disruptive video and audio cable runs. Both UTP unshielded and STP shielded twisted pair CAT-5, CAT-6, CAT-7 and even CAT-3 cables are suitable.

The PBE-303SR (Sender-Receiver) is a passive device requiring no power, making it ideal for out-of-the-way locations and positions where providing power may be difficult. A pair can be used as sender and receiver for distances up to around 100 metres or much more depending on cable type and installation. Alternatively, greater distances can be achieved by using one as a passive receiver in conjunction with a Sourcerer active driver such as the PBE-301S.

Housed in a compact and lightweight ABS case, the PBE-303SR takes up virtually no space and is light enough to be line-mounted without placing any strain on the cables and connectors.

Applications include High resolution remote monitors, Home Theatre, Video Projection Systems, Call Centres, Message monitors

For information about the PBE-902 S-Video plus stereo audio Balun please click HERE

PBE-303SR BNC for video and 2x RCA phonos for stereo audio, RJ45 for CAT-5 connection
Compatibility PBE-303SR <-> PBE-303SR, PBE-301S -> PBE-303SR and PBE-316 system -> PBE-303SR (no reverse infra-red)
Video Bandwidth Flat to 60 MHz
Audio Bandwidth 10Hz to 20kHz
Crosstalk <-50dB (video)
Impedance 600:600 (audio)
Isolation 500 V (audio, per channel)
Distance Typically 100m though excellent results can be achieved at distances >300m depending on structured cable type
Dimensions 66mm x66mm x 28mm
Weight 0.09kg