PBE-301 Sender - Composite Video & Stereo Audio

PBE-301 Sender PBE-301 Sender

The Sourcerer system sends video and stereo audio signals over CAT-5 structured cable for distances of up to 2km, maintaining excellent signal quality with minimal degredation. It is a send/receive system, employing a driver at the source of the signal and a receiver at the destination.

As well as carrying video and audio to the destination, infra red control signals are carried from the destination to the source to provide distant remote control of equipment such as a VTR.

The Sourcerer takes advantage of the widespread use of CAT-5 structured cable for telecom and computer applications and avoids the need for costly and disruptive video and audio cable runs. Both UTP unshielded and STP shielded twisted pair CAT-5 cables are suitable. Video and stereo audio can be transmitted over distances of up to 2 kilometres, and the standard configuration provides for links of between 150m and 450m.

The PBE-301S single-channel sender accepts composite video and unbalanced stereo audio for distribution over CAT-5 to a PBE-301R receiver. Infra red signals sent from the receiver to the PBE-301S sender are made available to drive an LED IR emitter to control source equipment local to the driver, such as a VTR or switcher. Using a learning hand-held control, someone watching material on a monitor adjacent to the receiver can send commands to control the signal source close to the driver.

Video signal 1x PAL/NTSC/SECAM composite baseband
Video input 1Vpk-pk, 75W, chassis RCA phono socket
Audio signals 2x mono unbalanced audio
Audio inputs IHF levels (-10dBu), chassis RCA phono socket
Audio signals Audio inputs looped to 2x DB25 chassis sockets
IR control signal Via CAT-5 from PBE-301R
Power 12V DC (power supply included)
Video and audio output CAT-5 signal compatible with PBE-301R receiver
Video bandwidth 6MHz ±0.1dB (@300m)
Audio bandwidth 60Hz to 16kHz (@300m)
Signal adjustment Automatic adjustment ±150m of preset range
Manual adjustment Fine tuning on card
Preset range Factory preset to 300m ±150m
Maximum range up to 2km depending on cable and signal
CAT-5 interface RJ-45 modular jack
IR source equipment control 1x LED emitter driver on mini jack socket
VCR lead (video and stereo audio) PBE-CBL1 SCART to video (phono) and stereo audio (2x phono)
VCR lead (video output only) PBE-CBL2 video (phono) to video (phono)
Standard lead
(video and stereo audio)
PBE-CBL3 BNC and 2x phono to video (phono) and stereo audio (2x phono)
Stereo audio lead PBE-CBL4 stereo audio (2x phono) to stereo audio (2x phono)
Mono to stereo audio lead PBE-CBL5 mono audio (phono) to stereo audio (2x phono)