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Vortex Communications imports the Fiberlink® range of Fibre-Optic transmission products from Communications Specialities Inc to Europe. They complement the established Sourcerer range of CAT-x distribution products and provide exceptional performance at a cost-effective price.

Fiberlink® is the most extensive collection of Fibre-Optic transmission systems from any manufacturer and offers products that support nearly every type of video, audio and data signal.

Fiberlink® is digital – which means that the signals are sampled, digitized and multiplexed for sending over the Fibre-Optic cable, providing virtually loss-less transmission over great distances with extremely high immunity to noise, distortion and interference. Conventional Fibre-Optic systems rely on analogue technology where the light level on the Fibre-Optic cable varies with signal level which is therefore often subject to degradation especially as distances increase.

Fiberlink® makes solutions practical and affordable. Fiberlink® is a truly plug-n-play system which does not require any special tools, adjustments, equalization or deskewing during installation.

Fiberlink® offers unbeatable performance and simplicity at a very affordable price. Fiberlink® moves your signals digitally using light, not electricity, so your signal is immune to interference, ground-loops and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) – virtually every prohibitive characteristic of copper is eliminated!

Fiberlink® can send your signals further and with greater signal fidelity; multiple signals and signal types can be multiplexed over a single fibre-optic core with no distortion or equalization and deskewing.

Fibre is very affordable and can be purchased for less than CAT-5 in most cases. Fibre can be easily terminated on-site. Fibre is thinner, more flexible and stronger than coax, CAT-5, CAT-6 and twisted pair and stands up to greater abuse. Fiberlink® offers complex point-to-multipoint and drop-and-repeat capabilities making it easy to take advantage of Fiberlink®'s benefits in any Pro AV application.


V-7820 Series: 1x HD/SD Component Video or 1x S-Video + 1x Wideband Composite Video with 2x Audio Channels
V-7820 Series: 1x HD/SD Component Video or 1x S-Video + 1x Wideband Composite Video with 2x Audio Channels

Fiberlink® V-7820 Series: 1x HD/SD Component Video or 1x S-Video + 1x Wideband Composite Video with 2x Audio Channels

The Fiberlink® V-7820 Series can be user-configured for one of three separate operating modes to send either 1x HD or SD Component Video signal, 1x Wideband S-Video signal and 1x Wideband Composite Video signal or 3x Wideband Composite Video signals, all with 2x Audio Channels.
  • 15MHz video bandwidth (composite, S-Video and component PrPb)
    30MHz video bandwidth (component Y)
  • Supports all video formats: PAL / SECAM / NTSC
  • 20Hz - 20kHz audio frequency response
  • +10dBu maximum audio level
  • Line level, balanced or unbalanced audio
  • Selectable input termination: 600Ω or >24kΩ
  • Receiver output gain of +0dB or +6dB (switch-selectable)
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Fibre TX / RX
V-7820 TX
V-7821 RX
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