PBE-EIP - IP camera over coax

PBE-EIP IP Camera over RG coax cable baluns


Connectors for PBE-EIP

As prices for IP cameras continue to drop and the quality continues to rise, there is an increase in the number of IP camera installations in many types of facilities which already have installed coax. We now have a way to utilize the existing coax cable by installing a pair of low cost IP Camera Baluns which utilize unique technology.

Using installed coax with PBE-EIP IP Camera Baluns can be used as a permanent installation solution or as a stop-gap measure until later upgrades are made. One run of coax cable replaces two pair UTP with improved NEXT (near-end crosstalk) over the 802.3 specification.

Most existing installations for CCTV cameras use 75 ohm RG59 coax or similar cable. A variety of configurations are available to meet your specific IP camera connectivity requirements.

PBE-EIP Block Diagram


Insertion Loss: <0.5 dB
Connectors: BNC or F Connector to RJ45 Jack
Impedance: 50 ohm to dual 100 ohm or 75 ohm to dual 100 ohm or 93 ohm to dual 100 ohm
Crosstalk: > 30 dB
Dimensions: 56mm x 19mm x 21mm
Weight: 20 grams