V-Flex-8 & V-Flex-16 - Cost-effective Multi-Media Matrix Routing Switchers

V-Flex Front front


V-Flex-16 Rear with 8x8 VGA


The V-Flex-16 switcher accepts up to sixteen Vomposite, Y/C, YUV, RGB, RGBS or RGBHV video sources plus sixteen unbalanced or balanced stereo audio sources and connects any input to any (one or more) of the sixteen outputs with optional volume and tone control. An optional 8x8 XGA switcher can be incorporated within the same 4-U rackframe for computer video switching.

V-Flex presentation routers provide full-matrix switching of multiple levels of video with or without balanced or unbalanced stereo audio. Active, fully buffered, high bandwidth crosspoint modules allow composite, S-Video, YCrCb Analogue / HD Component, RGBS or RGBHV to be switched simultaneously without crosstalk. An 8x8 VGA matrix using HD-15 connectors can be incorporated within the same rack frame of either V-Flex-8 or V-Flex-16, configured at the time of order

If there is a mixture of balanced and unbalanced audio sources and destinations, we recommend using a balanced audio switching level as the inputs and outputs behave like "active transformers". This means that you can feed the V-Flex switcher from both balanced and unbalanced sources and the V-Flex will drive both balanced and unbalanced destinations, automatically compensating for audio level difference. This avoids the use of expensive external balancing / unbalancing devices.

There is an optional Volume and Tone Control package (-VT) that allows both local and remote control of output audio levels and provides input trim adjustment to compensate for differences in levels of source equipment. Audio controls include volume, bass, treble, balance, loudness and mute. This allows individual adjustment of each output for optimal audio quality in any environment using either the front panel or remote control. Salvo commands allow adjusting all zones at once.

The Front Panel Control has an LCD display to show crosspoint status and feedback of switcher control. An RS-232 serial control port is provided as standard and there is also an IP (Ethernet) control option. The V-Flex is fully compatible with existing Vortex rackmount or desktop controllers and Creston, AMX and Leigh-tronix touchscreen and event controllers.

Input Impedance 75 ohms
Output Impedance 75 ohms
Frequency Response 1V p-p or Y/C (S-VHS) or YUV DC to 30MHz
<3dB down @ 30MHz @ 1V
Crosstalk <-70dB @ 5 MHz
Gain Unity ±0.2dB
Balanced Audio:
Inputs 32x 2-part 3-way "WECO-type" connectors with screw terminals for +/-/Scn (bare wire), looping or 600 ohms termination
Outputs 32x 2-part 3-way "WECO-type" connectors with screw terminals for +/-/Scn (bare wire), 100 ohms
Frequency Response 20Hz to 30KHz
Input & Output Levels Up to 16dBm
Crosstalk <-90dB @ 20KHz
Hum and Noise <-90dB
Unbalanced Audio:
Inputs RCA Phono, 15k ohms, DC coupled
Outputs RCA Phono, 100 ohms, DC coupled
Input & Output Levels 2V p-p Unbalanced Stereo Audio
Gain Unity ±0.2dB (all controls flat)
Frequency Response 20Hz to 30KHz
Crosstalk <-85dB @ 1kHz
Audio Input Trim, Volume and Tone Functions
Optional Input Level Trim
Output Volume
Bass Boost/Cut
Treble Boost/Cut
Left/Right Balance
Timed Fader
Serial RS-232 on D-9F (standard)
IP Optional RJ45 10-BaseT Ethernet Inteface
Front Panel Front panel control with LCD display
Software FlexConnect virtual control panel for control of complete matrix
Power Requirements:
External PSU Input 100-240VAC AC, 47 to 63Hz, 50 Watts maximum
Size 4-U x 19" Rackmount - 483 x 178 x 250mm (19" x 7" x 10") approx (w x h x d)
Weight 6Kg (12lbs) approx