VX8500D - SDI (Serial Digital Interface) 8x8 routing switcher

VX8500D front VX8500D rear



The VX8500D matrix routing switcher accepts and reclocks up to 8 sources to 8 destinations of 8 or 10-bit serial digital video with or without embedded audio. Housed in the Vortex 3U ultra-thin profile chassis, these SDI routers are compatible with various SDI standards including ITU601, SMPTE259M, D1, D2 and D3 at data rates of 143, 177, 270 and 360 Mbps with input equalization in excess of 200 meters.

VX8500D routing switchers are controlled from either the front panel pushbuttons or via the RS232 port. Front panel LEDs confirm valid data locking at all times. Each valid SDI input signal is indicated by an "Input Carrier Detect" LED. For each output with a valid input signal, another LED indicates one of four data rates. Crosspoint patterns may be stored for later recall. All current and stored patterns are backed up in non-volatile memory.

Inputs 8 serial digital on BNC-F 75 ohm Terminating
Outputs 8 serial digital on BNC-F 75 ohm Terminating
Standards SMPTE 259M
Data Rates 143, 177, 270 and 360Mbps
Resolution 8 or 10-bit serial digital
Input Equalization >200m
Output Reclocking Jitter >200m
Input return loss >15dB @ 270Mbps
Output return loss >15dB @ 270Mbps
Input level 800mV p-p nominal
Output level 800mV p-p nominal
Control and Indicators:
Serial RS-232 on D-9M (standard)
Panel 16 front panel pushbutton switches; one rear panel dipswitch
Indicators 64 crosspoint array LEDs
8 lock indicator LEDs, one per input
32 output status indicator LEDs, 4 per output
Power Requirements:
Consumption 5V DC, 2.5A nominal (3A peak) from power adapter module (supplied)
Connector 5mm / 2mm coaxial
Size 3-U x 19" Rackmount - 483 x 133 x 50mm deep (19" x 5.25" x 2") (approx)
Weight 4Kg (8lbs) approx