V-50/TVC - Timecode Video Clock


The V-50/TVC Timecode Video Clock is part of our established range of versatile low-cost timecode products, housed in CE approved desktop metal cases, any 3 of which may be rackmounted using the V-RM50 rack adapter (available separately).

The Timecode Video Clock displays time and date information in a large number of formats, on a video signal. It can free-run locked to its internal oscillator, or receive a feed of EBU or SMPTE timecode (please specify at the time of order) which may include time information only or time plus date infomation in the user-bits. Front panel switches allow selection of the displayed time format (HH:MM:SS, HH:MM:SS:FF etc) and date format (eg Tue 3 April 07 or 04/03/07 or 03/04/07). In addition, a text mesage of up to 9 lines of 20 characters may also be created from the front panel and overlayed on the same video signal together with the time / date information.

Character size & position, plus black / white character & overlay box selection is also selected from the same simple configuration menu with all settings stored in non-volatile memory and video bypassed in the event of power failure.

The Timecode Video Clock is ideal for Broadcast & Security Applications where it can provide accurate time-stamping information with an easily-updated text message. Date information can be automatically derived from the timecode data (if available) or entered manually if the timecode data does not include date information in the User Bits. All common timecode data formats are accepted, including of course, the formats incorporated in our Master Clocks. Timecode input is high impedance which means that a number of boxes may be fed with the same timecode data in parallel. Of course, each video feed requires its own V-50/TVC Timecode Video Clock to overlay the data on that video signal.

LTC Longitudinal Timecode I/P Unbalanced on RCA / Phono connector at nominal -6dBu
Video Input 1V composite on BNC
Video Output 1V composite video on BNC with Time / Date / Text overlayed onto input signal
Time / Date Formats Menu selectable to provide most commonly required combinations, including:
  • HH:MM:SS:FF (timecode) and UU:UU:UU:UU (user-bits)
  • HH:MM:SS, HH:MM in both 12 and 24 hour format
  • Day:DD:MMM:YY, MM:DD:YY etc
Text Message Up to 9 lines of 20 characters
Time / Date Insertion Position and size adjustable
Text Insertion Position separately adjustable
Standard package Mains Plug-top Power Supply, Manual
Optional Rack Adapter V-RM50 rack adapter holds any combination of up to 3x V-50 timecode boxes
Dimensions 145x44x145mm (WxHxD) (1/3-width x 1-U rack height)
Weight ½Kg approx
Power Supply Either 110VAC or 230VAC plug-top providing 9VDC at 500mA