V-50/TRG, V-50/TG & V-50/WG - LTC Timecode Reader / Generator / Inserters


V-50/TRG & V-50/TG

The V-50/TRG and V-50/TG LTC Timecode Generator / Reader / Inserters are part of our established range of versatile low-cost timecode products, housed in CE approved desktop metal cases, any 3 of which may be rackmounted using the V-RM50 rack adapter (available separately). Their capabilities are similar where the V-50/TRG is a variable speed LTC longitudinal timecode reader whilst the V-50/TG reads only at play speed.

Each unit incorporates a Timecode Reader, Generator and Character Inserter which provides great flexibility. The Video input references the LTC generator and timecode characters are inserted over this signal. The size and position of the characters may be changed using the front panel controls. Characters are white with either solid or see-through mask with indication of Drop-Frame / Non-Drop operation and Field1 / Field2.

Different LTC longitudinal timecode generator modes with an LED indicator to show status - stopped / running with or without a video reference. A preset timecode can be entered using front panel switches to step through HH:MM:SS:FF or 30/60/90/120 second backtime preset for striping tapes for editing. Jam-sync operation uses the Reader / Generator switch to transfer a snapshot from the reader to the timecode generator.

Timecode User-Bits can be set from the front panel to provide information such as Reel Number or Date. If user-bits are present in the timecode reader, these are automatically passed to the generator for jam-sync operation. Timecode data or User-Bits may be displayed by the video inserter with selection available from the front panel. Please note that if both Timecode data and User-bits need to be displayed on the video signal at the same time, two timecode reader / inserters would be required.


The V-50/WG Window Generator provides a low-cost solution for LTC timecode reader / character inserter applications where timecode generation is not required, offering all the reader / inserter capabilities of the units described above.

LTC Longitudinal Timecode I/P Unbalanced on RCA / Phono connector at nominal -6dBu
Video Input 1V composite on BNC
Video Output 1V composite video on BNC with Time or User-Bits overlayed onto input video signal
Timecode Formats EBU 625 lines / 50 fields or SMPTE 525 Lines / 60 fields Drop Frame or Non-Drop Frame
Please specify EBU or SMPTE (PAL or NTSC) at the time of ordering
Timecode Reader - V-50/TRG From 1/30th to approx 20x play speed Fwd / Rev
V-50/TG & V-50/WG Play Speed Fwd only
Timecode Inserter Positions 3-pos switch for Top / Middle / Bottom (vertical)
Anywhere across the line (horizontal)
Timecode Inserter Sizes 2-pos switch for Large / Small (vertical)
Fully adjustable (horizontal)
Standard package Mains Plug-top Power Supply, Manual
Optional Rack Adapter V-RM50 rack adapter holds any combination of up to 3x V-50 timecode boxes
Dimensions 145x44x145mm (WxHxD) (1/3-width x 1-U rack height)
Weight ½Kg approx
Power Supply Either 110VAC or 230VAC plug-top providing 9VDC at 500mA